BUFFALO, NY - 80-Percent of the toy industry's 20-billion dollars in sales each year will come in over the next few weeks. And the biggest sellers are high-tech toys. But which ones are worth it?

Maybe the best indicator of a good toy is the look on a child's face.

More and more, technology is popping up in our children's playrooms, and Consumer Reports ShopSmart has picked some of this season's best high-tech toys, and then put them to the ultimate test - having real kids play with them.

The Fisher-Price fortress would be fun for any kid. But adding in an iPad makes it irresistible.

The Imaginext Apptivity Fortress is 50 dollars. Classic toys like Barbie have integrated LED technology, bringing her little black dress to a whole new level.

Young designers pick colors and animate their creations. Barbie and her digital dress cost 50 dollars. A kid favorite - the LittleBits kit a box of magnetized electronic modules that let you build a working circuit.

The starter kit, at 90 dollars, contains a lot of inspiration. A really good science book becomes a really great interactive science book when you download amazing animations on your smart phone.

At 20 dollars, the Interactive Planets 3D from Popar brings the solar system alive. With a good dose of creativity and imagination, technology can be child's play.