ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.-Despite a 3-5 record at the halfway point Bills head coach Doug Marrone remains upbeat about his team in the second half of the season.

Marrone firmly believes the Bills are poised to make a second half run.

"I'm ready to go. You know why? I told the team this, granted please don't, I don't want to miscommunicate that I'm disappointed in our record. I am disappointed. We're all disappointed. We're all disappointed. But there are things that I'm also excited about with this team. I'm excited to go in to the second half of the season. I'm excited to coach them, I really love the guys I'm coaching. I think they're playing as hard as they possibly can. We have to do a better job all around. We have to put them in better position. We have to keep getting them better, develop them. I'm excited because I know; I've been through this before. We keep going the way we're going, it's going to start falling our way and we're going to start winning football games. If we go the other way there is no chance you can win. None. Zero. None."

Marrone was asked if he saw something in the way the Bills played Sunday against the Saints that made him feel so optimistic."I told the players afterwards, I feel bad. We had an opportunity to go on the road again and beat a good football team, a playoff football team. We fell short and we're going to create another opportunity for ourselves again. I don't know where it's going to be, but we're going to fight our way back to an opportunity. The next time we do it, I want to make sure that we're even better prepared than we were."

Marrone stressed he doesn't believe in moral victories. "No. I just don't. I think it sends a poor message sometimes. Someone is like, 'Gosh, he gets up there and he says he understands his job is to win games and now he's saying there are moral victories. Where is he at?' I don't ever want to confuse anyone. Our job is to win football games and I understand that. We're going to keep pushing towards that."

The Bills have a huge test this week when the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs come to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 1-pm.

The Bills have another reason to feel optimistic.Marrone said that starting quarterback E.J. Manuel is making progress."He'll be working extremely hard this week. I can't answer the question, 'Is he going to be practicing or not?' I don't want to get in to that and have it explode, but he's going to be working extremely hard to a level of a great stage for where we should be."Marrone said Manuel has been"doing cardio workmaking sure he's in shape so we don't put him out there and get him hurt. Strengthening obviously. A lot of strengthening work."