(AP) - "Breaking Bad" ends with gunfire and a twisted smile. The Emmy award-winning series ended its five season run on AMC last night.

In the finale, Walter White's remote-controlled machine gun lays waste to the neo-Nazi's who stole his money and his meth lab. Walt saves Jesse from the machine gun fire that rips through the neo-Nazi compound where Jesse was held hostage and forced to cook meth. White was a high school chemistry teacher who turned to cooking meth after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Earlier in the show, Walt admitted to his his wife he cooked meth because he was good at it and it made him feel alive. In the last bit of dialogue, Bryan Cranston's character tells his double-dealing partner Lydia she's doomed too, because he poisoned the sweetener she put in her tea. In the end, it's a bullet not cancer that kills Walter White -- who dies in a meth lab with a smile on his face.