Gatorade. Ibuprofen. Coffee. The Friday morning Breakfast of Champions.

Bills. Patriots. Sunday. Season opener. Mailbag of Champions... RIGHT NOW.

Q: Why is [Jairus] Byrd acting like such a little b****? - @mgo122

If I got franchise tagged - instead of getting a big money, long-term deal - I wouldn't be happy either.

Q: Tailgate food suggestions? - @yamez9

First of all- Don't half-ass it. It's the season opener. Go big or go to bed.

As for food- Grilled chicken on a bun with bacon, pepperjack cheese, hot sauce and blue cheese. Cheese-filled brats. Ruffles potato chips with ketchup/ranch mixed dip.

*Beer suggestion: Molson or Blue Light for quantity. Flying Bison's Rusty Chain or Sam Adams Octoberfest for quality.

Q: If we got a 4th & 5th rounder for Byrd like we got for [Marshawn] Lynch, was it worth it? - @CircleThisWagon

Absolutely not. Lynch was traded to Seattle for a 4th round pick and a conditional 6th round pick, which became a 5th rounder because Beast Mode became Beast Mode.

What came of those two picks?

Chris Hairston (4th Round) is currently on Injured Reserve and Tank Carder (5th Round) is on the Browns with 7 career tackles.

Granted, the Bills dished Lynch because of depth at running back (Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller). They don't have depth at safety. And naming me the safeties on their roster is not depth. Trading one of the best safeties in the game for two mediocre draft picks would fix nothing. He can still be franchise tagged again, so it's not like the Bills HAVE to trade him.

P.s.- Marshawn Lynch is fascinating. Just... ridiculous. #PLAYTIME

Q: What's with the beard??? - @charlesvalvo

Some get weird. Some grow a beard. I do both.

Q: How will Byrd/[Stephon] Gilmore issue affect % of blitzes called? A lot, some or meh? - @billsguy34

Some. The Bills secondary has more problems than a Miley Cyrus foam finger. An effective pass rush takes pressure off the cornerbacks. But an ineffective pass rush leaves cornerbacks out to dry. The Bills are without their best cornerback (Gilmore), so they may drop back in coverage a bit more than they intended. With the Bills high-blitz scheme defense, the defensive line and/or linebackers MUST get to Tom Brady. If not, #12 will pick apart a porous Bills secondary.

Q: What's the likelihood of pulling an oblique if you drink 12 Mike's Hard Lemonades and 7 Jell-O shots in one night? - @PSmith_10

The same likelihood of rallying like Adrian Peterson.

Q: Which Bills CB matches up with which Patriots WR? - @stanj62

Leodis McKelvin defends the number one receiver split wide - either Danny Amendola or Kenbrell Thompkins. Ron Brooks defends the slot receiver - either Amendola or Julian Edelman. Justin Rogers defends the second Patriots receiver split wide - depending on formation, either Edelman or Thompkins.

Q: When enjoying an adult beverage in Columbia, MO, where are the top five establishments to consume? - @WillPetersen26

1) Sigma Nu Fraternity
2) Harpo's Bar & Grill
3) Shiloh Bar & Grill
4) Penguin Piano Bar ( grill)
5) Campus Bar & Grill (aka Big 12)

Q: Think the screen game will be as prominent this year as it was under [Chan] Gailey? - @McBpj

YES. EJ Manuel's best receivers are his running backs. Expect a run-first offense with a short pass attack - similar to Gailey - but with a few more shots downfield. As Manuel gets more comfortable, the pass attack will open up.

Q: Random question. Why so angry in your [Twitter] avatar? - @TheMikeStraw


Q: What about bringing in David Carr? Seems like a solid veteran who wouldn't be a distraction. - @Ryan_Story2

David Carr! Joey Harrington available too? Carr hasn't thrown a TD pass since 2009. Next.

Q: Who was your favorite athlete growing up and why? - @Ed_Franz

Grant Hill. I was OBSESSED with him as a kid. Dynamic small forward who could do it all- shoot, drive, dish, rebound, defend - just an all around great player. Not to mention he was charismatic, intelligent and wasn't a thug like many of his Pistons teammates. I was devastated when his ankle injuries hurt his career in the early 2000's. Hill retired this summer, after 18 years and no titles. I'm still holding hope he comes back mid-season to play for an NBA Finals contender.

Q: How badly is @jbrez12 going to lose to me this week in our @SnakeroosFFB matchup? - @spencer99099


Q: How many @JonahJavad parody accounts were there that Twitter was like, 'This guy needs a blue checkmark'? - @cgoodz

Wait, I'm not a parody account?