Most of my followers on Twitter only care about Bills news and updates. If EJ Manuel eats breakfast, they want to know how he likes his eggs.

But, not all my followers care about that. So, for this week's Mailbag, I tweeted this:

Mixin it up- I'm taking questions about ANYTHING for this week's Friday Morning Mailbag. Bills, NFL, sandwiches. Anything. #BillsMafia @WGRZ

And the rest is history.

Q: You going to be at the Statler next Tuesday [Aug. 27]? - @ChrisTrapasso

A:(Chris is referring to the $25 WGR 550 Bills "All Access" event.)

No, I will not. However, I will be at the Swannie House on Tuesday night at 8 with a few media comrades discussing the Bills. It's free and you won't hear the company line. Hope everyone can join us.

Q: What is your go-to order at Mighty Taco? - @Glenns_thoughts

A: Buffalo folks won't like this answer- never been. I was raised on crunchwrap supremes in college, so I could never cheat on Taco Bell.

Q: You exposed CJ Spiller's love of SpongeBob, but have the #Bills been exposed to your love of dancing to Ke$ha in your boxers? - @ScottMalone91

A: I don't think anyone wants to be exposed to that. But if I need to cut a rug, I'll chop that thang up.

Q: If there's a surprise cut this year, who is it? - @realsharpie

A: A BILLS QUESTION! (For those disinterested, read ahead.)
It's not much of a surprise, but the most high-profile cut would be receiver Da'Rick Rogers. He had an underwhelming training camp and didn't get many reps in the first two preseason games. With a handful of talented receivers jockeying for the active roster, the talented - yet inconsistent - undrafted free agent needs a strong finish to make the cut.

Q: Any chance [Jeff] Tuel could get the starting QB job over [Kevin] Kolb? - @chrischris716

A: A chance? Yes. The same chances as this guy.

Q: Do you sleep with one pillow or two? - @AleMoo30

A: One and two.

Q: Your affinity for Busch beer shines through Twitter. What's the appeal? Is there emotional attachment of some sort? - @aaroncmansfield

A: First, it's Busch LIGHT. Second, this question is best answered over a beer - preferably Busch Light.

Q: After [Jairus] Byrd is back in the swing of things, starting safeties Byrd & [Aaron] Williams? - @TonyPBuffalo

A: No doubt. HOWEVAH (Stephen A. Smith voice), they're both free safeties. Rookie Duke Williams is a strong safety, but he won't start over them. Something has to give. Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine uses a carousel of safeties throughout the game. But given the personnel, I don't expect many safety blitzes this season.

Q: How would you assess your basketball game? Quick and... - @MichaelLKelly

A:Something along these lines.

Q: How many garbage plates did you eat while covering #BillsCamp? - @RyanTalbotBills

A: None, sadly. Free food was available to media. A free plate of garbage beats paying for a garbage plate any day of the week.

Q: Which Bills player drives the nicest car? - @Brosiah94

A: The majority of them drive monster SUVs or pick-up trucks. I'll give the edge to Mario Williams just because he has a bazillion to choose from.

Q: On a scale of 1-Stephanie, how blonde is Hasan? - @WillPetersen26

A: Is Hasan simple or evil? Either way: blonde.

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