PITTSFORD, N.Y.- It's the reason we start playing sports. Not for the money or the fame but to have fun. And that pure basic principle was on full display during the last day of Buffalo Bills Training Camp.

"They're giving us the freedom to have fun," said Bills receiver Stevie Johnson, crediting the coaching staff. "As long as we put in good work on tape, we can have as much fun as we want. That's what we want as natural athletes: to have fun and play football."

The "fun" started before practice with what Johnson likes to call, #SlamCam. (Click here to see original Vine video).

"They dunked on me today. It was... it was embarrassing," admitted Bills head coach Doug Marrone. "And all of a sudden [T.J. Graham] put [a small basketball hoop] over my head and next thing I know, Fred Jackson is coming over and dunks on me and the whole place is going crazy. So, they got me."

"I got dunked on first," replied Jackson. "And after you get dunked on, you got to go against the biggest and baddest in the yard. And I figured that was Coach Marrone. He set it up perfectly. He walked in the locker room, and I told the guys, 'y'all get ready man, I'm going after coach'. Everyone around here is having a lot of fun and he's included in that."

Johnson summarizes the day's lesson: "Coach Marrone said it best, 'Don't get dunked on'."

'Don't get dunked on'. Words to live by. But that's the new motto for the Bills. New attitude, new team, new faces- but still everything to prove when the regular season begins.