CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. -Plenty of folks know about the food at Orazio's in Clarence. After all, they had the fan favorite item at this year's taste of Buffalo.But you might not expect to also find them serving up crepes and gelato in the food court at the Walden Galleria.

Yes, the popular Main Street eatery has branched out, bringing some unexpected fare alongside the Mr. Souvlakis and Sbarros and Subways of the world at the Galleria food court.

Owner Orazio Ippolito says the goal is to turn this into a franchised chain. For now, it's just one location in the Galleria- which is plenty for someone who's not quite feeling like pizza or Chinese while they wait for the movie to start.

Orazio's offers sweet and savory crepes. On one side, you have selections like the banana, strawberry and chocolate crepe with powdered sugar- on the other, the popular Mediterranean crepe stuffed with veggies, feta and tzatziki.

Add in gelato for desert and you have a great place to check out during your next shopping trip.

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