BUFFALO, NY - We've all been there fighting to get a package or jar open. Or trying to get the last drop out of a bottle.

And When you consider manufacturers spend more than 150-billion dollars a year on packaging, you would think more products would be user-friendly. But the folks at consumer reports says there are some products out there that are.

In the kitchen, forget rummaging for a cleaner. Windex Touch-Up is designed to sit on the counter. A single tap gets you just the amount you need - nothing wasted.

Tod Marks is Consumer Reports' packaging expert, and he's seen it all.

"How tired are you of doing this? You see there's a straw on the bottom, and there's plenty of cleaner, but nothing's coming out!"

Well ... eureka! Clorox Clean-Up engineers came up with this simple solution - the "straw" goes down the side of the bottle to the very bottom, so you can reach every drop.

"Boy, do we love it when things make sense," says Marks.

And when it comes to messy medicines with missing caps, Neosporin has a better idea.

Neo to Go is a neat little dispenser that delivers a single dose. And it can't make a mess in your purse.

Other packaging pluses - this Olivari olive oil has a no-drip spout that keeps the oil from dripping down the side.

And this Better Oats oatmeal pouch saves you a step. Pour out the oats and fill to the water line. No measuring cup needed.

And good news for Fido. His food won't go stale with this package from Hills. It has a Velcro close that keeps the bag shut tight.