BUFFALO, NY -- The Burchfield Penney Art Center has a display of photographs of Marilyn Monroe handing in their East Gallery. The photographs are by Douglas Kirkland. Kirkland was from Fort Erie, Ontario and came to Buffalo for high school classes and then Seneca Vocational School.

The young photographer shot some photographs for Buffalo's Courier Express. He then got a big job with Look Magazine. Kirkland came up with the idea for a photo shoot with screen icon, Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe was the idealized American woman, seductress and icon. Her many faces were in the 1961 photo shoot in a Hollywood studio. Douglas Kirkland met with the actress on three occasions. The focus of the meetings was a photo shoot with Marilyn, which captured her in all of her complexity. Little did Kirkland know less than a year later Marilyn would be dead.

The photos capture the many sides of Marilyn Monroe. From her beauty and innocence to her sad and tragic sides. The photographs also tell the story of Kirkland and show him taking the pictures and also talking with Marilyn.

The display will be available for viewing through September 8th. For more information, visit