BUFFALO, N.Y.- Division I-A scholarship offers keep pouring in for Canisius senior Qadree Ollison. He neverrealizedwas how much demand there would be for his services.

"Me and my dad's goal at the end of last year was to try and get one or two I was not expecting 13 so far but I'm really enjoying the whole recruiting process and everything. It's been going really great, I get to see a lot of places and meet a lot of coaches. It's kind of a blessing and I thank god for it every day and I just wouldn't want it to be any different right now," Ollison told Two on Your Side's Stu Boyar.

The senior running back has received offers from Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Wisconsin, Boston College, Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Cincinnati, University of Buffalo, Minnesota, Nevada and Iowa. Although its likely Ollison will get more offers he intends to narrow down the list of current offers to about five early next week.

As of right now, Ollison explains there's no schools he's thinking about more than any other. "I don't have any leading candidates right now. When I do narrow it down, it won't be in any particular order or anything. Every school is in the race right now to be on that list but I will not have any leading candidates or anything like that," Qadree said.

Qadree expects to make his final decision before Canisius's season opener on September 6th. But even after committing to a team, Ollison still plans to use his senior year to get better. His goals include breaking his 26 touchdown record from last year and rushing over 2,000 yards.

There's one goal off the field he hopes to accomplish when everything is over. "My last goal which is pretty much the most important one to me is try to stay humble to myself you know not get too much of a big head in this whole recruiting thing and all that. So I'm just trying to stay humble and just you know stay within myself so I don't become conceited or anything like that," Qadree said.

Ollison also pointed out how difficult this decision will be for him. So he's looking to a different source for guidance to the right answer. "I'm at the point right now where there is no wrong answer for a school so I think I'll just have to sit down one day in my room and kind of pray on it and ask God what's the right path to go and maybe he'll give me an answer and that's how I think I'll make my decision," Qadree explained.

Canisius opens up the 2013 season at home against McQuaid on September 6th.