ORCHARD PARK, NY -Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is back home recovering following surgery.

97 Rock's DJ Jickster delivered a get well card to Kelly signed by fans.

Kelly posed for pictures with the card.

Last week, the quarterback announced he had cancer in his jaw.

Duringa news conference lastMonday Kelly said, "I never thought I'd say the word cancer and be talking about me, but here I am."

Kelly said he had been experiencing pain in his upper jaw for several months, which a variety of medicines could not quell. He said it was his dentist who initially determined it was more than a tooth ache.

"I went through a number of antibiotics at the beginning thinking it was just an infection, and then when I did go to the oral surgeon they found a big cyst they cut that out, and then one thing lead to another," Kelly told reporters.

Doctors performed surgery on Friday.