EAST AURORA, N.Y. -Rainy weather didn't stop Lackawanna native Ron Jaworski from playing golf for a good cause. The ESPN Monday night football analyst, better known as Jaws, hosted the 3rd annual Baker Victory Services Golf Tournament at the East Aurora Country Club.

Jaworski told Two on Your Side, "We want to continue the legacy of Father Baker who was all about helping people in our community and Baker Victory Services works with over 5,000 individuals and families throughout the year. This golf event, we're having a lot of fun playing golf but at the end of the day we're raising money for those that are needy in our community."

Jaworski has attended the event all three years. Of all the fundraisers and charity events Jaws could choose from, he explains why this one is special. "This is home, this is Western New York, it's Lackawanna, it's Father Baker. Those are all great things that contribute to a great community. I'm very fortunate the committee asks me to come back every year and kindof be the poster child for this event," Jaworski said.

Jaworski even took a break from the golfing to do what he does best, talk about the NFL. Being a Lackawanna native himself, Jaws shared his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills with Two on Your Side "I'll start with one word, patience. I'm a big Bills fan myself and when you think of 13 years without a playoff visit, you have to rebuild and this is a rebuilding program right now," Jaws said.
Jaworski then pointed out his confidence in the future of the Bills "I actually like the direction the team is going. It will be a competitive team this year but I think in two to three years it will be a playoff team. And once they get there, it'll be a playoff team for the long haul."

The Bills open up their season on Sunday September 8th at home against New England.