I've always believed the purpose of sports media is to serve the fans. Everyone has a voice and, as much as I like to talk, I also like to hear what the fans have to say.

With that, I'm pleased to announce Channel 2 has teamed up with the Bills Mafia.

What originally began as an inside joke on Twitter, Bills Mafia has arguably become the largest Buffalo Bills fan community on social media.

As we move forward, Channel 2 and myself will often seek opinions and ideas from the Bills Mafia on Twitter because we want to hear from you, the fans.

To be involved, all you have to do is follow @TheBillsMafia and @JonahJavad on Twitter. Then keep an eye out for questions and fan polls.

I often use some social media on-air, so on any given night, your replies and ideas may be featured on a Channel 2 sportscast.

But, here's what I'm most excited about.

Bills Mafia is not just about supporting the team. It's become an avenue for fans to take the passion they have for the Bills and channel it to help others.

Since Bills Mafia began in 2011, all of its merchandise sales support local charities, primarily the pediatric patients of Carly's Club at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

As of April, Bills Mafia has become an official, NYS-recognized, non-profit organization to handle their charitable work going forward. With the legal stuff out of the way, they're ready to move full steam ahead with all kinds of fundraising options to help give back to the WNY community.

As someone with a background in charitable events, I'm thrilled to be apart of this endeavor.

Whether it's a charity event or just a Twitter Q&A, we look forward to your support moving forward. We can all make this community a better place and we hope to do just that.