BUFFALO, N.Y. - American and Canadian officials at the Peace Bridge Authority escalated their war of words Friday.

Maria Lehman, an engineer assigned by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to manage transportation projects on the U.S. side of the bridge, told Investigative Post that Anthony Annunziata, then vice chairman of the authority, introduced her to a colleague as"the governor's concubine." She filed a complaint andaninvestigationresulted in an order for Annunziata to undergo sensitivity training and apologize to Lehman.

Lehman alsodiscussed past difficulties she said Americans have had getting Canadian board members to support projects on the U.S. side of the bridged, but conceded there areno ongoing problems.

Annunziata, in a separate interview, declined to discuss the sexual harassment matter. He disputed American claims of a lack of cooperation, calling them "absurd."