BUFFALO, NY - It's been Daybreak's privilege over the last month to shine a spotlight on the positive and uplifting stories in our community.

Students at Tapestry Charter School in Buffalochallenged us to show26 good stories in 26 days in honor of the 26 lives lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy, and we were happy to rise to their challenge.

We took suggestions from you, our viewers, about the great things happening here, day in and day out.

No matter what age, from 3-year-old Emily being the first child with disabilities on the cover of Parent's Magazine to 80-year-old Jackie George bringing joy to others through ballroom dancing, Western New Yorkers from all walks of life are making a difference.

We met the students at Tapestry one more time on Wednesday to get their feedback.

5th Grader Ariel Cecchini says, "I thought we were never going to say yes because you had a lot of stories. When I found out you said yes it made me really happy."

7th Grader Isaih Batson says, "I think it was a good way to showcase all of the good things that happened in WNY."

6th Grader Destinee Minier says, "It gives you more confidence that you can find more good things and it gives you a positive attitude."

8th Grader Amanda Wilson says, "It made me feel good that we actually made a change in something and that people are being recognized for their good deeds."

8th Grader Kiarah Smith says, "It's really good to continue showing good stories because it will continue inspiring people to do more and do better."

The students presented the Daybreak team with a certificate of completion for sharing 26 good stories in 26 days.

And we don't need to stop there. We always try to bring you positive stories, from Hero Central, to Kevin's Great Kids, and our Good Neighbor series.

But we know there are more out there. If you see something good happening around you, be sure to share it with us.
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