WILLIAMSVILLE, NY- The final day of Daybreak's Good Story Challenge is wrapped up with an update on a good story we first told you about last month. A local learning center collecting box tops donations to send to Sandy Hook Elementary started off as a small effort, but thanks to viewers, it got a whole lot bigger.

The staff and students at the Center for Handicapped Children in Williamsville had no idea what to expect when they started a box tops drive for the kids at Sandy Hook last month. Their story was part of our Good Story Challenge from the kids at Tapestry Charter School who wanted Two On Your Side to show 26 positive and uplifting stories in 26 days, in honor of the 26 lives lost in the Newtown tragedy. After the CHC story aired, box tops organizer Kathy Burkard said the response was overwhelming.

Random people who saw the story came forward to turn in their box tops. The little coupons can be found on groceries. Each one is worth ten cents and can be used to buy supplies for your school. Box tops started arriving from other schools like Niagara University and Stanley Falk. Those schools were willing to forego their box tops for the cause.

The students at CHC helped in their own ways.

"They helped me by pasting [the box tops] on to papers and they helped me with counting. At least got to touch them and feel them," said Burkard.

And there was a lot of counting to be done. Any given month, CHC collects 250 to 400 box tops. But the February collection brought in at least 7,500.

"Because each one is 10 cents we're giving them over $750," said Burkard.

She called Sandy Hook to give them the good news.

"I spoke with the coordinator yesterday and told her what to sort of expect. And the phone went dead. She didn't say anything for a minute. I could just imagine her face on the other end."

Proof that a small good deed - like a little box top worth a dime- can go a very long way.