WEST SENECA, NY - Students at Potters Road Elementary school are celebrating the birthday of 2nd grader Breanna Raisor a month early. It's clear that she's loved by teachers and her classmates, who know they won't see her for a while.

Breanna is leaving for Boston on February 24th where she'll have surgery.

One morning back in October, Breanna woke up blind.

"She was diagnosed with cranial pharyngioma, which is a brain tumor that presses on her pituitary gland in her optic nerve area," says Lisa, Breanna's mom.

She had emergency surgery to reduce some of the pressure and save her vision, but it was unsuccessful, and now Breanna can only see light and shadows.

Now they're heading to Boston for another brain surgery to remove more of the tumor. "That won't recover her sight. Her optic nerves were damaged," says Lisa.

Although Breanna's life turned upside down in an instant, she's adjusted remarkably well.

"She's learned Braille quicker than she probably ever should have learned Braille. She breaks my heart but she amazes me daily," says Justin, Breanna's dad.

The entire school community came together to show their support for Breanna by selling raffle tickets for a large teddy bear and heart cookies and chocolate suckers.

Moira Cooley, Breanna's special education teacher says, "We were hoping for $500. We well exceeded that. The outpouring from the staff, the faculty, the kids, the parents was amazing."

What they raised was an impressive $1124.20.

Through losing her vision, Breanna is teaching everyone around her how to find beauty and light in this world.

There are several upcoming fundraisers for Brianna's medical costs. You can find information on their Facebook page: Believe in Breanna.