Despite the Sabres struggles, Sabres ownership continues to pledge firm support for GM Darcy Regier and head coach Lindy Ruff.

2-On-Your-Side's Adam Benigni spoke to president Ted Black, along with Regier and Ruff for Sunday's Countdown 2 Faceoff pregame show.

Black says Regier, who has a new contract extension, and Ruff, the longest tenured coach in the NHL continue to have "unequivocal support."

Regier stops short of saying he would never make a change behind the bench, but says don't expect one anytime soon.

"Well it starts with the fact he's a very good coach. The other part is he's gotten better and is getting better.The work he has done and we have done as an organization as an example of working with players and communicating with players... viewing things as a process... not being reliant on using a mandate or a hammer to get things done. I think it points to someone who is continuing to grow and continuing to get better."

Ruff admits to changing his approach this season.

The approach overall, I've changed it dramatically from a real hard crusty approach to a more open really try to help you approach."

Ruff says it's because players expect across the league expect that. Despite the team's struggles, he says it's too early to tell if the change is working.

Ruff says he's confident his message is still getting through to his players. He also admits he's thought about a fresh start elsewhere, but remains determined to finish the job in Buffalo.

"I think you sometimes go through that but I've had one goal in my mind. My dad would hammer on me... you're not a quitter... you find ways to get things done. My goal when I came here was to win a cup. My goal right now is to prove everybody wrong. To turn this thing around and make this team a team that Buffalo is proud of."

Regier hired Ruff in July of 1997, and they are the longest tenured GM/coach combo in the NHL.