LOCKPORT, NY - We're continuing our Daybreak challenge to bring you good stories every day.

This morning, a teen's well-deserved recognition for his lifesaving action.

It all started this past summer with boat trouble on Lake Ontario.

Jerry Gasser, his brother and their five kids took a boat out from Olcott, only to have it stall and start sinking.

In July, Jerry told us, "Just for a split second I said in my head, is this how it's going to end? Is this it?"

Jerry's son Aleksander, who's now an 11th grader at Starpoint High School, noticed that one of his young cousins was trapped beneath the windshield and was being pulled underwater.

He took action; pulling the boy out and very likely saving his life.
"It's weird, like to think that you've actually saved someone's life. It's really hard to get your mind around it. Like, you're trying to think how everything was normal before that and something like that changes you a lot," says Aleksander.

Monday, Aleksander received the "Do the Right Thing" award from the Niagara County Sheriff's office, which recognizes five kids a year for their actions to help others.

"Every time that we do this, you hear about one or two stories "and it just makes you feel good inside and it's a great opportunity for us to recognize them," says Niagara County Sheriff James Votour.