ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.- ranks Buffalo as the worst weather city in the NFL. So, 2 on Your Side's Jonah Javad set out to find the grittiest members of the Buffalo Bills. Turns, they're also the prettiest.

That's right. Cheerleaders.

"You pretty much sign up for it."

For 45 years, the Buffalo Jills have graced fans with a smile and embraced the wrath of mother nature's bile.

"You wanna look just as perfect as you do inside but it's just not as easy."

Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay and Pittsbugh are five cities that use "lots of hand warmers and foot warmers."

But of those five, only Buffalo has cheerleaders.

"Just kinda like the mail man, no matter what, we're out there."

Also like the mailman, these ladies deliver.

"We use a lot of Under Armor. Under Armor. Some sort of tight material."

As for fans trying to keep warm, try this on for size.

"Dancing helps the blood flow a little bit more and that keeps your body temperature up a little bit," says Jills director Stephanie Mateczun.

Some fans keep warm by cleaning their plate or impairing their state, but we're with the Jills on this one.