ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson's season-ending knee injury means one big challenge and one less worry for C.J. Spiller.

Bad as he feels for a friend and teammate going down, Spiller had grown tired of facing the near-weekly line of questions of why he's not more involved in the offense.

That will no longer be the case because "Spiller Time" has finally arrived for Buffalo (5-8), which "hosts" Seattle (8-5) at Toronto on Sunday.

Spiller takes over as the unquestioned starter, giving him the opportunity to build on what's already been a breakout season.

With 944 yards on 144 carries, Spiller is averaging 6.55 yards per run. That's the NFL's highest total through 13 games since 1963, when Jim Brown averaged 6.61 yards per carry with the Cleveland Browns.