BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Based on the number of products I test on a daily basis, there probably aren't many people who use as many batteries as I do.

Since I also happen to be extremely frugal, you can imagine how much I detest wasting cash on batteries.

Disposable batteries are terrible for your wallet (and the environment) and I've tried dozens upon dozens of rechargeable brands, which have not been impressive, with one major exception.

The USB Cell Batteries by Moixa are worth every dollar and bring their share of intense savings over just two months of use.

They last 50times longer than disposable batteries and charge via USB, eliminating the need for clunky chargers.

At $19.99, plus $2 shipping, these USB batteries last more than a year while regular rechargeable batteries last between 10and 20 charges.

The best price for a rechargeable Duracell battery on Amazon is $5.34 per battery. If those last a maximum of 20 charges, that's $0.27 per charge for the pair. The batteries I've found todayshould last for up to500 charges. That works out to $0.04 percharge for the pair.

Whether you have a wireless mouse or keyboard, a digital camera, MP3 player, or countless other battery-powered devices, today's deal is a great bet.

From an environmental perspective, since batteries are highly toxic and difficult to dispose of safely, using rechargeable batteries that last 50 times longer cuts down on waste.

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