BUFFALO, N.Y.-- If you're a Ways 2 Save regular, you probably know by now I rarely feature refurbished products and I never feature used products.

There are some exceptions though where going refurb is the best way to go. These are the times when an item would otherwise be at a prohibitive cost and it's refurbished state brings you a new warranty and the fact the item has undergone testing by a human (not a robot), and is coming from a trusted manufacturer.

Daily deal sites (other than Cowboom and a few others) are generally a terrible place to buy a refurbished item. They offer weak warranties and have no invested interest interest inthe product. They're just trying to get it off their hands.

If you're going to buy a refurbished item, below is a list of the companies and the deals I trust based on past performance, tests and customer service.

Companies like Apple and Amazon restore used items to brand new, with new parts, screens, warranties and are a great way to go.

When it comes to laptops,here's an interesting blog that caught my eye about the perks of recertified laptops.

If you'd like to know more about when I'd buy refurb and when I'd stay away from it, please feel free to watch the video attached to this article.

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First, here are 10 things I would never buy used or refurbished:

• Couches (they are rarely properly cleaned and you have no idea what happened on them)

• Cell phones (how many times have you dropped your cell phone?)

• Tires (used cars are great from reliable sources, but specifically seeking out used tires is not a safe move)

• Vacuums (generally one of the most heavily used and expensive to repair items -- although there are some exceptions)

• Mattresses (I don't think this warrants an explanation)

• Bathing suits (despite prices at thrift stores, this is a definite "no" in my book)

• Cribs (many have been recalled and the germ factor is a serious deterrent)

• Bike helmets (anything that can save your life is something to avoid buying used)

• Kids' games and plastic toys

• Any major electronic piece without an extended warranty or that's not directly from a manufacturer or authorized reseller.


1) Dell Financial Services

Hot deals on laptops starting at $199 + extra 20% off

Now: $159.20

Coupon code: Offers20

2) Canon

45% off Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1 MP + lens kit (refurbished) + free shipping

Was: $649.99
Now: $351.99

Coupon code: NEW412

3) OnSale

47% off Lenovo ThinkPad T60 notebook (refurb) + free shipping

Was: $349.99
Now: $183.99


55% off Dell Latitude refurbished notebook computer + free shipping

Was: $511.65
Now: $229.99

5) Apple Store

$230 off refurbished MacBook Pro 13" laptop + free shipping

Was: $1,099

6) Newegg

63% off HP Officejet 4500 all-in-one color printer + free shipping

Was: $149.99
Now: $54.99

7) Cowboom

62% off pre-owned RIM BlackBerry 32GB 7" PlayBook + $5 shipping

Was: $399.99
Now: $149.99

8) Sony

$100 off Sony Handycam camcorder refurbished + free shipping

Was: $229.99
Now: $129.99

9) Sears Outlet

Up to 84% off Kenmore Elite reconditioned electric dryer + free store pickup

Was: $1,499.99
Now: From $239.97 to $1,007.93, depending on your location and what's available.

10) Sears Outlet

Up to 75% off Kenmore Elite reconditioned washing machine + free store pickup

Was: $1,259.99
Now: From $319.98 to $900, depending on your location and what's available.

11) Walmart

$250 off refurbished Sanyo 55" LCD 1080p HDTV + free store pickup

Was: $899.98
Now: $649.98

12) Amazon

$30 off with a certified refurbished Kindle Fire + free shipping

Was: $199
Now: $169

We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company, product, or deal. The purpose of this segment is to find great deals -- that's it.