BUFFALO, N.Y. -- With spring right around the corner, allergy season begins for many people. A major cause of allergy symptoms during the spring time is largely due to tree and grass pollen. The pollen is emitted shortly after trees start to bud and when the pollen gets into the air, people become affected by it.

Those who experience allergy systems report on having runny noses, watery eyes and are constantly sneezing. Oftentimes, people have mistaken viral or bacterial infections as allergies because the symptoms are so similar.

Allergist and Clinical Immunologist, Doctor Jeff Rockoff, says that depending on the weather during the next few weeks, trees may bud earlier this year. This is highly due to the mild winter, as well as the seemingly warmer temperatures in March.

The pollen that is produced by the trees and grass during the spring time can be suppressed by the heavy rains that are experienced during the months of April and May. However, more rain means that trees will continue to bud and produce more pollen.

Dr. Rockoff states that there are many measures that people can take to relieve some of these allergy symptoms. "Treating early is a great idea. If you are someone who experiences these symptoms during the month of April, you should seek treatment before those symptoms arise."Some of these treatments include prescribed nasal sprays, antihistamines, and steroids as well as oral antihistamines, antihistamine decongestants and allergy shots."

Rockoff advises that during the spring season, people affected by pollen should change their clothing and shower after they've been outside for an excessive period of time. This will remove the pollen that settled on hair, skin and clothing. He also advises that people sleep with their windows closed because pollen levels are the highest between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m.