BUFFALO, N.Y.-Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson was spotted at the Manhattan Cup championship game Wednesday. The Bills running back broken his leg in the Bills loss at Miami and missed the rest of the season.

Jackson told Two On Your Side's Stu Boyar "I'm good. I'm already training now and the number one thing is just getting in shape."

Jackson is going into the final year of his contract and although talks with the Bills haven't started he told Stu he remains confident the deal will get done. "Not yet they still have some stuff that they have to take care of so hopefully after they get all that squared away we'll start talking.I'm optimistic I mean its like I've been saying the whole time I got faith in Buddy and I had a good conversation with him so we'll see what happens."

Right now the Bills top priority might be getting wide receiver Stevie Johnson signed to a new contract. Jackson was at the game supporting his agent's son who was playing in the game.