NBC's "Awake" debuts tonight.

It's a psychological drama about a cop living separate, but parallel lives, unable to tell which one is "real" but not wanting to let go of either one.

Jason Isaacs stars.

"I took this job so I'd be the first person to find out what happened in Episode 2," he laughs.

That's how much isaacs was drawn to the plight of his character, L.A. homicide detective Michael Britten.

Britten survives a harrowing car accident with his family, but afterwards, finds himself living two very different outcomes.

"He wakes up and his wife survives and they've lost their son, and when he closes his eyes at
night, we wakes up and his son's survived and his wife has died," he explains.

In each reality, Britten has two psychiatrists.

They're each trying to help him cope, but also convince him that his life isn't a dream.

Isaacs is also confident the intricate premise won't discourage anyone.

"My 5-year-old daughter was explaining to her friend what the plot was. I videoed her on my iPhone and I came back to the producers and said, 'Look at this,' and there she is, in about three sentences, explaining the story. I said 'I don't think we need to worry'," he says.

The series also co-stars Steve Harris, formerly of "The Practice" and a familiar face from "Law and Order: SVU", B.D. Wong.