BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Today, the Ways 2 Save Home Renovation Week continues.

Yesterday I showed you my favorite granite alternative to create new life for your bathrooms, kitchens and countertops. Today, the message is don't replace, reface.

I've heard from countless viewers who, like me, were unhappy with their white appliances and not-so-exciting kitchens.

Today, I want to expose a renovation secret that will increase the appeal of your home.

When my fiancée and I settled on a place to live, there was no way to justify buying stainless steel appliances or upgrading our cabinetry since the dreary white dishwasher, fridge, microwave and stove were all brand new.

White...but new.

I'd heard about Appliance Art on the home design circuit. The highly creative company has attracted the attention of Rachael Ray, The Today Show, HGTV, Food Network and countless others, so I decided to put it through the Ways 2 Save ringer.

Here's how it works...

1. Measure your fridge or whatever appliance or cabinet you want to upgrade.

2.CLICK HERE and settle on a pattern or theme that you wouldlike to replace whatever drab eyesore has you down. Prices to convert a fridge max out at $89. Dishwashers and cabinets are $29to $49.

3. Whether your pick is stainless steel or hundreds of fantastic designs, you'll be able to nail down a magnetic cover, or one with an adhesive, to cover every inch of your home improvement project.

4. Appliance Art will ship the appliance covers to you (very cheap USPS shipping rates).

5. Refacing your appliances is no more than a 15-minute project. The adhesive or magnetic covers are easy to clean (Windex usually does the trick) and designed to withstand years and years of wear, or something that you can remove in an instant if you change your mind without damaging the original façade.

Appliance Art not only has an astounding selection, but the materials are high quality, more durable than I expected and extremely easy to apply. There are also instructional videos and other great design tips which you can find on today's website.

The fact that you can change your whole kitchen for 90% less than buying new counters makes me one ecstatic customer.

CLICK HEREto discover your new kitchen.

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