BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Let's face it, we all live very busy lives and missing the occasional important event is inevitable, but we don't have to let you miss Valentine's Day. (Even though, I have to tell you, you're cutting it a little close, my friend!)

So, what I've got here is 11 ways to get the perfect gift for your sweetie. You'll be guaranteed to have a gift in-hand tonight, so you'll live to love another day.

I've got a little bit of everything here -- music, books, The Oprah Magazine (which I get more requests for than anything from women), personalized Valentine's Day cards and e-gift cardsfinally, a very special gift for the lady in your life.

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1) Best Buy: 50% off 7" LCD digital photo frame + free store pickup

Was: $59.99
Now: $29.99

Expires 02/14/2012

2) Walgreens: Save 33% off Valentine's Day photo cards + same-day pickup

Coupon code: GIFTS33

Expires 02/15/2012

3) Instant Starbucks e-gifts online or in-store

Another option is to pick this item up sometime today. They have special Valentine's Day card enclosures which actually look quite nice.

4) Kohl's: Give a Kohl's e-gift card and get instant delivery

5) REI: Free shipping on REI gift cards and e-gift cards

6) 80% off ($25 gift card for only $2) plus $15 e-gift card for FTD

Coupon code: SWEETIE

7)Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette + free store pickup at Sears

Was: $48
Now: $40.80

Expires 02/17/2012

8) Amazon: Instant Valentine's Day Gift: $2 off on MP3 Album Gifts

Coupon code: GIFTLOVE

Expires 02/14/2012

9) Best Buy: Instant Valentine's Day gift --20% off Apple iTunes (digital delivery)

Was: $15
Now: $12.75

Expires 02/14/2012

10) O: The Oprah Magazine: 81% off one-year subscription to O: The Oprah Magazine -- now only $10

Was: $54
Now: $10

Expires 02/15/2012

11) Barnes & Noble: Instant Valentine's Day gift --Nook books under $5

Expires 02/19/2012