BUFFALO, N.Y. --In mycontinued search to find great websites and deals to save you time and money, we're following up on a big viewer request.

The rising cost of prescriptions are a lot for any person to handle, let alone an entire family. While there's no magical way to lower prescription prices, an independent website I've found helps ease that pill pain.

Whether we're talking about a blood pressure medication or something to help you out during allergy season, not all pharmacies offer the same prices.

The award-winning Medtipster we tested does the comparison shopping for you and tells you which pharmacy closest to you has the best price. The website also helps you find the generic equivalent to brand name drugs, which is a big savings in itself.

Medtipster is free to use, nothing to sign up for and no spam.

Is it perfect?


It doesn't have every medication and it won't always pull up a price comparison in your area if a discount is not available.

On something like Advil, however, it found something $6 cheaper one block away from what the Walgreen's near our station was offering for the exact same 100mg/5ml suspension, oral (final dose form) Advil. It certainly pays to check.

Medtipster is not affiliated with any pharmacy and obviously, you'll want to check with your doctor before you change to a generic equivalent or have any questions about your health.

Today's website is primarily for price comparison purposes. Since it's a free website, there are ads on it, which I do not recommend clicking.

CLICK HEREand happy savings.

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