BUFFALO, N.Y. - John Lennon's music changed the lives of many people, and his murder sent a nation into mourning.

It was December 8th, 1980. John Lennon had just wrappedup mixing a single for his wife's new album. He and Yoko wereboth happy with the single and her new found respect from the music world.

Two studios down in New York City's The Record Plant, was a Buffalonian and accomplished musician in his own right. Willie Nile was recording and mixing a new record with his band.

Acouple of nights earlier, Nile was able to lend a helping hand toLennon. A recording engineer called down to Nile's studio, that John was out of strings and was wondering ifanyone had guitar strings that Lennon could borrow. Willie jumped at the chance. He sent the strings down and went on with his business.

On Sunday night, Willie's producer (who also knew Lennon) went down to Lennon's studio and asked if he could get an autograph forhis friend Karl. Lennon assumedKarl was the one who donated the strings so he signed the autograph to that effect. Within the hour, Lennon was shot and killed outside his apartment building by Mark David Chapman.

What is believed by many to be the final autograph signed by John Lennon read:

"For Karl, who strung me along, thanks, John Lennon."

A thank you note for an act of kindness from a musician from the City of Good Neighbors.