BUFFALO, N.Y.-- In my continued search to find the best websites and deals to save you time and money, today we havea wakeup call for renters.

Apartment rentis expected to jump again this year. As the economy creates more jobs, the demand for rental housing grows, according to USA Today.

A 2012 increase would make this the third straight year of rising rents and in our viewing area, rent is complicated enough.

Since I first tested Rent-O-Meter three years ago, and three leases later, it's grown as a website with new features and some impressive awards.

Today we're taking a look at two great purposes the site serves. It's simple: Enter your address, how much you're paying in rent and you'll know in a matter of seconds whether or not you're getting a good deal.

The site could also give a landlord a better idea of where their requested rent stands in relation to the surrounding area.

Is the website perfect? No. It's thrown off in some cases if a very high-end apartment building is right next door to a lower-income area.

I would not base all decisions on this website's results (or any website for that matter), but this is a great tool and resource -- especially if your lease is up or you're new to a neighborhood.

In my experience, I also found it helpful to print the statistical analysis from Rent-O-Meter and have that accompany me on my visit to a leasing office before re-signing a lease. It helped me shave $100 per month off my last lease.

You might find you're getting a great deal or you might find that you're paying way too much.

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