BUFFALO, N.Y.-- This is a great time of the year to buy shoes and boots online, with sales running rampant.

The problem though, is that shoe shopping online is rarely easy since that first pair you try on doesn't always fit.

Today's site is for the shoe and boot shopping skeptics and from another company that performs extremely well in our tests. is not only the world's largest shoe sale site, but there are perks here you will not find on other websites:

· Free shipping (both ways!)

· Real people

· Real customer service

· Actual 1-800 numbers to call

· Free returns and exchanges

· 100% price guarantee is a site that continues to be a favorite with viewers -- especially folks with wide or narrow feet that are difficult to accommodate with standard-sized shoes.

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If you're still in search of a pair of boots this season, you'll find some great prices by clicking the "sales" tab toward the top of ShoeBuy's web page. A nice pair of boots withfree shipping are $29.69 using the coupon code above. CLICK HERE

Happy Shopping, and as always if you're looking for more savings, I'll be sending those out later this morning via twitter. CLICK HERE

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