ATLANTA-- Ways 2 Save viewers have spoken and we hear you loud and clear.

You got gift cards for stores that you'd never go to, or some that are nowhere near you, and you'd rather have cash.

With all the websites out there ready to swap cash for unwanted gift cards, the selection is overwhelming especially when merchant reliability comes into play.

After various Ways 2 Save tests, my top pick this holiday season is Plastic Jungle. They will buy a used gift card from you (as long as it doesn't have an upcoming expiry) for up to 90% of its value.

If you don't have the store near you or you're really not interested, this is a solid buy-back since gift cards cannot be returned to the merchant they were purchased from.

I know -- I wish they'd give you 100% back, but considering some other sites pay way less or charge crazy service fees, this is something to consider.

You also have the option of getting paid via cashier's check, an gift card, or a deposit to your PayPal account.

If you're looking looking for a discount on gift card, you can easily save 30% by purchasing directly from Plastic Jungle. They also offer free shipping and no service charge on any order, which is great in my books.

CLICK HEREto sell back a partially used or unwanted gift card to Plastic Jungle.

Cardpoolis another site paying up to 92% back that's also worth a look if you're not happy with the quote you get from Plastic Jungle.

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