BUFFALO, N.Y.-- Some purchases are complicated enough! You have to contemplate, compare and then when you ultimately make that purchase.

You shouldn't be penalized in the event of a return.

There arethree stores that make my list for best returns and matching policies.

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1) Sears

Why? They are one of the only stores that will not only accept returns, but they cover shipping costs and go the extra mile to compete if you find a lower price after the fact.

For example, if you find an online or in-store price cheaper than what you paid at Sears (including shipping, handling and delivery), Sears will match the total price, plus give you 10% of the difference.

Just print the ordering page, including shipping, handling and delivery, and bring it to your Sears store at the time of, or within 14 days after your purchase.

If you are purchasing the item from, just fill out the price-match form.

2) Nordstrom's

Why? It's refreshing to find a store that not only offers free shipping, but pays return shipping on all returns, all the time.

Also, if you ever find an item that they offer at a lower price, they will meet the competitor's price.If an item you purchase drops in price, they'll meet the new sale price up to two weeks after your purchase date.

3) Target

Why? They promise to attempt a return on every purchase, even those without a receipt, which is rare to see. They have a generous 90-day return window and will accept returns for anything purchased onlinein an actual store (rather than making you ship it back to the e-warehouse from which it shipped).

Who made the naughty list?

1) All4Cellular

Why? Personally, I'm surprised this company only has a C- with the Better Business Bureau. They are a complete failure in my book basedtheir performance over the past month alone.

Despite good prices, their customer service is the worst I've encountered this season. They have a 30-day return policy, which is great on paper, but good luck trying to get a phone call or email returned.

On three assisted returns for our viewers, I was on hold at least 45 minutes before someone answered the phone (on a good day).

This Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company also failed to respond to emails or my contact attempts through their contact form.

Even a voicemail finally identifying myself as a television news reporter "looking to do a profile on their company" on a PR rep's voicemail has yet to be returned.

2) Walmart

Why? Despite wonderful prices and solid customer service, Walmart's return policies could not be more complex or confusing.

Every department has a different return policy.

CDs and books: 90 days
Video game hardware: 15 days
Pre-owned video game software: 90 days
Computer hardware: 15 days
Lawn mowers: 30 days

Etc., etc. You need a chart just to understand what's going on.

3) Best Buy

Why? For a great store that makes purchasing so easy, their tiered return policy is overly complicated.

Some products have 14 days, other produces like computers and tablets have a 30 day return policy.

Reward Zone Premier Silver Members (if that's not enough of a mouthful on its own) have 45 days for all products, but even a store worker had to check with a manager to find out if members of Best Buy's reward product had 45 days on computers and tablets, or if that was 14 days or 45.

Too much research in my personal opinion.

We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company, product, or deal. The purpose of this segment is to find great deals -- that's it.

All of the opinions above are a reflection of my personal experience as a bargain hunter and do not reflect this new station's standpoint.