WALES, NY - In the Town of Wales, down a dead end road, sits what many regard one of the most haunted places in Western New York.

Goodleberg Cemetery was an active cemetery from 1811 until 1927, but in recent years, the activity reported here has not been of this world.

Paranormal author Mason Winfield first wrote about Goodleberg back in 1997.

"Goodleberg Cemetery has exerted some kind of a hold on the imagination."

It has been a favorite party spot for teens for decades, but since word spread about alleged paranormal activity here. The cemetery, and people who live around it, have been left in anything but peace.

Winfield says "There were riots, actual turf fights, if one group of ghost hunters got here first, they wouldn't let others in...I mean, the locals have been driven crazy."

But it has been the crazy extra-ordinary activities reported that have driven the frenzy, including apparitions of hell hounds and a ghostly woman in black walking down Goodleberg road.

According to Winfield, "Most of the ghostly images seem to pertain to children, to generation. And we're talking young children, toddlers, tots, even infants. The sound of a faint baby crying in the distance. Tiny spectral hand-prints on the mist of your windshield of your car as you're pulling away and you only notice them when you're up the road. Sometimes weeping mothers, grieving bereaved widows, things like that."

Paranormal experiences fueled by rumors of what may have happened here more than 70 years ago.

A macabre story about what many believe is also buried here.

There was a country doctor named Albert Speaker, who was also a medical examiner in Buffalo. But some say he moonlighted in a very dark practice.

Winfield describes it like this, "Doctor Speaker was regarded as a good guy to know if you got a girl in a bad way."

Speaker is said to have been an abortionist. An abortionist who lived down the road from this cemetery.

"Doctor Speaker may have disposed of the bodies and the fetuses in the land we see all around us."

In 1948, the wife of a Kenmore dentist named Helen Lindeman was killed, her body parts found scattered in several southern tier spots, including a short distance from Goodleberg. Many suspected Speaker may have had something to do with it, but the doctor died suddenly, some say by suicide, before the investigation pointed to him.

Winfield says "some people believe that the apparition of the ghostly woman in black may be Mrs. Lindeman."

Now whether the rumors are feeding the frenzy, or the reports of paranormal activity fuel the rumors is anyone's guess. But either way, they have led to more activity here, much of it unwanted and illegal.

So are people seeing the ghostly results of horrific crimes, or the results of over-active imaginations, driven by sordid stories from the past? It's one of the Unknown Stories of Western New York.