Product Test: Model Magic

You can buy a Model Magic set like this at K-Mart for 9.99. Ours came with 6 colors and a whole bunch of accessories.

The first step -- is rolling out the dough with the cute little roller that comes with it.The first graders from Our Lady of the Blessed Sacramentdid a fabulous job of sharing and taking turns...

Now -- once you roll it out -- you shape the dough over the plastic figure -- then... You make some shapes with the tools ... and you let your imagination go crazy.

The kids were entertained for quite a while with this product. They had fun and used their imagination.

You can let it sit out and harden for a nice collectors piece, or you can put it back in the container and play over and over.

All of our cute little testers agreed thatModel Magicdeserves two thumbs up.