BURLINGTON, ONTARIO - It's called "Magnetic Hill", a spot in Burlington, Ontario that has attracted many legends. Some say it is haunted, others say it's an optical illusion, but one thing is for sure, it has been the source of stories for generations.

The hill is on Kings Road, approaching the escarpment. Legend has it that you can put your car in neutral and be "pulled" up the hill. It is one of only a few places in Canada where the phenomenon occurs. There are also many places around the world with similar stories.

In most cases, it is merely an optical illusion. These "magnetic" spots are in a location where the horizon is obscured from view. Often times the landscape makes it look like you're rolling up hill, but in actuality you are rolling down hill.

In most cases though, the phenomenon is surrounded by stories of the paranormal. In Burlington, it is no different. There have been reports of drums and strange sounds in the distance, along with a large number of UFO sightings.

So the question remains, is this a case of the natural or the supernatural?

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