HAMBURG, N.Y. -- Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most. At 90 years old, Carl Dias has learned that small gestures of kindness can make a big difference.

Dias is a native of Portugal and ended up making the United States his home after meeting his wife Frances in Canada.
He worked at Bethlehem Steel and then the Ford plant. After retiring, his work ethic is strong.

Carl lives by advice from an old doctor friend, "You have to keep busy, keep busy, keep the motor running."

Carl's grandson Charlie emailed about how is grandfather stays active by helping his neighbors.

Charlie wrote, "He helps everyone in his neighborhood, fixing everything from lights, cars, and lawn mowers. He will dig people out of driveways in the winter, mow their lawn, trim their bushes, or drive neighbors anywhere for any reason. Above all he will drop anything he is doing in a heartbeat to help his family... he is the most honorable, selfless, caring person I have ever known."

Carl's wife says he is everyone's husband on the street. Frances Dias says, "Anything they call him for, he's ready. Half the time, I tell him you better slow down."

Carl has no plans of changing his ways. He says, "If we're not friends with our neighbors, if we don't talk to our neighbors, how is this planet going to survive. I think that's one of the main problems we're going through. The people have not enough communication."

By the way, we asked Carl his secret to a long, healthy life. He says, "Don't overdue anything in life. Do everything in moderation."