Dick Gallagher's Sidelines for Week 2

Quote for the Week: If you have the right attitude and ability to persevere, one will be successful in this life.

Booster Club Presidents of the Week: Sara Maniscalco, Williamsville North, Tom Putney, Clarence

Academic Achievers of the Week:

Jonathan Wolf, Depew (98 GPA)

Austin Reamsnyder, Maryvale (98 GPA)

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park (95 GPA)

Top Football Complex: Hamburg

Referees of the Week: Matt Palma, Dale Mussen

Athletic Director of the Week: Mark Difilippo, Williamsville East

Top Band: Medina

Top Refreshment Stand: Iroquois

Top JV Program: Williamsville North

Tackling Machine: Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett; Corey Ratka, Kenmore West

Best Voice: Noah Speyer, Lancaster

Most Loquacious: Sibby Constantino, Depew

Comedian of the Week: Dawson Joy, Medina

Cheerleaders of the Week: Grand Island

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Jamestown

Unique Name: Billie Boomers

Best Chain Crew: Lake Shore

Best Uniform: Orchard Park

Class Act: Anthony Maniscalco, Williamsville North

Best Fans: Lancaster

Best Dressed Coaches: Depew

Best Game Program: Depew

Top Principal: James Bialasik, Springville

Top Statistician: Tim Wegrzyn, St. Joe’s

Best Nickname: Freddy “Pitball” Nixon, St. Joe’s

Best Announcer: Peter Sugg, Williamsville South

Journalist of the Week: Pat Nagy, Amherst Bee

Trainer of the Week: Amy Cameron, Lake Shore

Top Assistant: Mary Faracca, Williamsville East

Best Restaurant: DiPaolos

Tom Ambassador: Ken Stoldt, Chair of the Section VI Football Federation

Best Radio Station: WGR 550

Best Media Friendly Football Program: Medina

Best Fan: Janet Snyder

Alumnus of the Week: Joe Licata, Williamsville South

Best Dancer: Andrew Sisson, Jamestown

Name of the Week: Niko Mullen, Clarence

Fastest Player of the Week: Terry Rutland, Starpoint

Strongest Player of the Week: Mason Hoose, Canisius

Tallest Player of the Week: Brace Williams, Lake Shore

Superintendent of the Week: Dr. Michael Valley, Lancaster

Most Photogenic Coach of the Week: Jake Taft, Lackawanna

Photographer of the Week: Harry Scull, Buffalo News

Photogenic Players of the Week: Jason and Andrew Hwang, Williamsville North

Question: When is the last time you told your coaches that you appreciate what they do?

Cheerleader of the Week: Sarina Buscaglia, Grand Island


Toughest Opponents Week 2:

Timon/St. Jude vs. Central Catholic (OH)

St. Francis vs. CBA (Syracuse)

Lancaster vs. Jamestown

St. Joe’s vs. Msgr. Farrell

Williamsville South vs. North Tonawanda

Medina vs. Lackawanna


Week 2 Predictions:


Orchard Park

North Tonawanda

Sweet Home

Grand Island

South Park


West Seneca East


East Aurora/Holland










Niagara Falls

Maple Grove



Williamsville North





Notre Dame



Cleveland Hill

Silver Creek/Forestville


Cardinal O’Hara

Bishop Kearney

St. Francis


Central Catholic

Predictions Top Rushers:

Cole Burniston

Isaiah McDuffie

Zach Samborski

Joe Harrison

Dominic Prince

Devan Jackson

Kameron Alexander

Brandon Yax

Jake Cotter


Ian Baker

Jacob Sarow




Timon/St. Jude






Niagara Wheatfield



Potential Headlines:

Samborski rushes for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Legends victory.

North Tonawanda defeats rival Tonawanda

Kelly rcords double digit tackles in Spartans win.

Janca throws for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Quakers victory.

Jantzi records 100th victory.

Burniston rushes for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns in Crusader’s victory

Hickson and Janca borth break Licata’s career passing record.

Fischer records 200th win.

Cheektowaga wins 3rd consecutive sectional title.

McDuffie selected to 3rd consecutive All-WNY team.

Haubeil boots state record field goal in Crusaders victory.


Cole “Adoinis” Burniston, Canisius

Steve “Shrek” Ferrentino, Orchard Park

Naseer “Rocket” Jackson, St .Joe’s

Jamir “Sparky” Lynch, Kenmore West

Matt “Megatron” Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Brandon “Moose” Yax, Iroquois

Joe “Primetime” Harrison, Timon/St/Jude

Liam “Scoop” Gallagher, St. Joe’s

Alex “Bam-Bam” Johnson, North Tonawanda

Nick “Sparkles” Bruce, Orchard Park

The 2016 Prep Talk Awards banquet sponsored by the Buffalo News was an outstanding event. Kudos to List Wilson, Keith McShea, and all their staff for a special end of the year banquet that salutes all the champion athletes and teams.

Preseason Offensive Players of the Year:

Msgr. Martin Association:

Cole Burniston, Canisius

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude

Class AA North:

Javon Ford, Lockport

Andrew Hwang, Williamsville North

Jamir Lynch, Kenmore West

Kor’Darryl Welch, Niagara Wheatfield

Class AA South:

Devan Jackson, Jamestown

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Zach Samborski, Lancaster

Class A North:

Tajay Ahmed, Starpoint

Josh Foster, Williamsville South

Zach Woodard, North Tonawanda

Class A South:

Jason Jaskolka, Hamburg

Jacob Maurino, West Seneca East

Jeremiah Sanders, South Park

Class B East:

Khalil Horton, Lackawanna

Jake Cotter, Medina

Chrisian Snell, Alden

Class B West:

Erik Bartnik, Cheektowaga

Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga

Dominic Prince, Burgard

Austin Reamsnyder, Maryvale

Class B South:

Ian Baker, Springville

Todd Thompson, Pioneer

Matt Boss, East Aurora/Holland

Class C North:

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Owen Hill, Akron

Justin Daul, Wilson

Class C South:

Kameron Alexander, Gowanda

Niko Pannes, Southwestern

Class D:

Brad Benson, Maple Grove

Cordell O’Brien, Frewsburg

Justin Svetz, Clymer/Sherman/Panama

Noah Raddack, Silver Creek/Forestville

Preseason Defensive Players of the Year:

Msgr. Martin Association:

Mason Hoose, Canisius

Jake Lutz, Canisius

Devon Delmont, St. Francis

Louis Surace Jr., St. Joe’s

Class AA North:

Connor Kelly, Williamsville North

Anthony Maniscalco, Williamsville North

Tyler White, Kenmore West

Class AA South:

Jeremy Bush, Jamestown

Zach Prince, Orchard Park

Class A South:

Nate Emer, Iroquois

Joe Ramunno, West Seneca East

Nick Schaefer, South Park

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Class B East:

Dawson Joy, Medina

Marquez Lofton, Lackawanna

Gian Rock, East Aurora/Holland

Class B West:

Trevor Darlak, Cheektowaga

DaJean McCullough, Burgard

Class B South:

Jason Gauthier, Pioneer

Elwin Gomez, Dunkirk

Gian Rock, East Aurora/Holland

Class C North:

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Owen Krouse, Eden/North Collins

Class C South:

Marcus Grove, Allegany-Limestone

Gilberto Ortiz, Gowanda

Class D:

Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Brock Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Projected Records First 7 Games:

Starpoint 7-0

South Park 5-2

Cheektowaga 6-1

Gowanda 5-2

Springville 6-1

Canisius 6-1

North Tonawanda 6-1

Orchard Park 6-1

Lancaster 6-1

Cleveland Hill 5-2

Burgard 5-2

Jamestown 5-1

Williamsville North -1

Williamsville South – 4-3

West Seneca East 5-2

Bennett 6-1

Lackawanna 5-2

St. Francis 4-3

Hutch-Tech 3-4

Top Game Breakers:

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Zach Samborki, Lancaster

Cole Burniston, Canisius

Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Matt Myers, Timon/St. Jude

Connor Kelly, Williamsville North

Mason Hoose, Canisius

Jeremy Bush, Jamestown

Ian Baker, Springville

Top Ten Schools With the Most All-WNY Players:

Jamestown 71

St. Joe’s 64

Orchard Park 63

Canisius 53

Sweet Home 45

North Tonawanda 43

Timon/St. Jude 40

Lackawanna 38

Grand Island 36

Clarence 34

About 5.8 percent or 1 in 17 of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will go on to play football at an NCAA member institution.

About 1 in 50 of NCAA senior football players will be drafted by an NFL team.

1 in 1,110 of high school senior boys playing interscholastic football eventually will be drafted by an NFL team.

Brad Zaffram, former 3 time All-WNY player from Sweet Home and Canisius went to UTep to play football. Unfortunately things didn’t work out for the former Crusader and he is now playing linebacker at Lackwanna junior college. The Falcons play at Eric Community College on October 1st at noon.

Dennis Gilbert retired as head coach of St. Joe’s for health reason. He underwent back surgery for an injury as a result of his job as police officer for the City of Buffalo. Gilbert recorded a 35-27-0 mark in 6 years as head coach and has been with the football program since the 1980’s, not counting when he played for St. Joe’s while in high school.

Derek Landri replaced Dennis as head coach for the Marauders. Derek was an assistant coach in 2015. He played high school football for DeSales which won 150 consecutive games, earned a scholarship to play at Notre Dame and played in the NFL for 6 years.

Chautauqua Lake has 25 on its roster including 1 freshman, 3 sophomores, 15 juniors, and 6 seniors.

Why don’t all QBs, RBs, and WRs pay for lunch or dinner for their offensive linemen? Remember it is through their hard work that you receive recognition.

Hard to believe that there are 15 new head football coaches this season.

WNY teams play 39 games in week 2. On Friday there are 24 and Saturday, there are 15.

St. Francis completed its 4.5 million athletic complex redevelopment project. The complex is one of the best in the state and congratulations to Fr. Michael Sajda, the administration, and sponsors who made everything possible.

The Red Raiders no longer have one of the worst field with the new synthetic turf field.

Jason Vranic, Niagara Wheatfield and ECC Alumnus is on the roster for Penn State as a freshman al ILB. At ECC, he recorded 77 tackles including 20 for loss and 5 sacks when he earned All-American honorable mention. Jason was admitted to school in January, will compete at the LB position, and will have 3 years to play 2 seasons with the Nittany Lions.

Ways to Improve High School Football:

Publicize JV football.

Employ 5 referees for all games.

Conduct clinics for coaches on their duties and responsibilities including advocating for and publicizing their players.

Outstanding record from 2005 to 2014. Sweet Home played in a record 10 consecutive championship games winning 7 and losing 3.

Hunter Dimitroff, St. Joe’s senior TE, is a divison I prospect.

Did You Know That?

33 percent of all sports concussions happen in practice.

1 in 5 high school athletics will sustain a sports concussion during the season.

3,800,000 concussions were reported in 2002.

Observation: There is no excuse for any coach not to call their score and highlights to the media for every game. How would you like to be a player and have no information in the media about your game?

Last Sectional Football Title:

Williamsville North 2013

Cleveland Hill 2013

Frewsburg 2013

Alden 2012

Southwestern 2011

Chatauqua Lake 2011

Clarence 2010

Fredonia 2010

It’s is a long season but candidates for player of the year honors include:

Ian Baker, Springville

Eric Bartnik, Cheektowaga

Brad Benson, Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake

Cole Burniston, Canisius

Joe Harrison, Timon/St. Jude

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Mason Hoose, Canisius

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Connor Kely, Williamsville North

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Stephan Parker, Cheektowaga

Dominic Prince, Burgard

Brandon Yax, Iroquois

Jason Hwang, Williamsville North

Central Catholic, Toledo has a roster of 100 players, is ranked 5th in the state and 38 nationally.

“Orange Crush” Bennett: Isaiah McDuffie, Nigel Robinson, Jamel Lofton, Marcellus Tolliver

Maryvale’s win over Depew was their first in a decade.

Shutouts: Iroquois, South Park, Msgr. Farrell, Southwestern, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Bishop Kearney, Central Catholic, Silver Creek/Forestville, Clarence, Cleveland Hill

After two weeks, there are only 19 unbeaten teams.

Todd Thompson, Pioneer senior QB, recorded 400 yards in total offense, scored 4 touchdowns, and had 3 pat returns against East Aurora/Holland. Todd’s new nickname is the Rambling Panther Wreck.

Top Freshman: Jacey Jakubczak, East Aurora/Holland

Top Sophomores:

Rashad Law, Maryvale

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster

Top Juniors:

Jalin Cooper, Medina

Jacob Maurino, West Seneca East

Jack Shaver, Clarence

Top Seniors:

Todd Thompson, Pioneer

LG Castilo, Lancaster

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Anthony Maniscalco, Williamsville North

Jason Kolb, Burgard, was selected Buffalo Bills coach of the week for week one.

JV Score: Depew 7, Maryvale 0

Top Passer: Dillon Janca, Orchard Park

Top Rusher: Todd Thompson, Pioneer

Top Defenders: Anthony Maniscalco and Connor Kelly, Williamsville North

Top Offensive Line: Pioneer

Top Defensive Line: North Tonawanda

Top Linebackers: Medina

Top Defensive Backs: Williamsville North

Player of the Week: Todd Thompson, Pioneer

Team of the Week: Lancaster

Upset of the Week: Frontier over Springville

Anthony Maniscalco, Williamsville North senior DB with his 3 interceptions against Ken-West has 13 career interceptions which ties former Spartan great Glenn Gronkowski for the team record. Let me know if any WNY alum had more than 13 career interceptions.

Surprised that in some games over the weekend, there were very few water breaks called by officials.

Defense with most points allowed in 2 weeks include Kenmore East 103, St. Mary’s 100, Timon/St. Jude 98, Cattaraugus/LV 98, Riverside 96, and Jamestown 90.

The cancelation of the St. Francis/CBA game means one less game for Jerry Hickson to break some WNY passing records held by Joe Licata.

Joe Licata, former Williamsville South and UB star was on the sidelines charting offensive play calls by the Billies head coach Kraig Kurzanski. Once a Billie always a Billie.

Timon’s Jeremiah Sanders who transferred from South Park, recorded 3 tackles and recovered a fumble in his first game with the Tigers.

Schools which didn’t forward information to Upstate Weekly include: Cardinal O’Hara, Fredonia, Frewsburg, Kenmore East, Lake Shore, Lockport, McKinley, Niagara Wheatfield, Niagara Falls, Portville, Southwestern, Tonawanda

Gives the weather forecast for Saturday evening, why wasn’t the St. Francis game moved to be played Saturday afternoon?

League Records After Week 2

Msgr. Martin 3-8
Class AA North: 7-5
Class AA South: 5-5
Class A South 8-10
Class B East: 5-7
Class B West: 8-4
Class B South: 6-6
Class C North: 4-6
Class C South: 4-7
Class D 8-8

Where did the kickers go? After 2 weeks only 3 field goals were made.

Ground and Pound Hogs: North Tonawanda

JV Players of the Week:

Darell Redick, South Park
Clarence Thomas, South Park
Brandon Brown, South Park
Keshone Beal, Cheektowaga
Jason Solomon, Cheektowaga
Peyton Olsen, Jamestown
Grant Moore, Jamestown
Peyton Metzger, Clarence
Cole Harris, Clarence

Best Press Release: Medina’s win over Lackawanna

Maple Grove is the number 1 ranked Class D school in the state high school football poll. Canisius is ranked number 2 in Class AA and Bennett is ranked number 12 in Class A. Cheektowaga is ranked number 4 in Class B while JFK is ranked 6th in Class C.

Mason Hoose, Canisius senior DE, has recorded 23 tackles including 9 for loss in the Crusaders first 2 games.

Dominic Prince, Burgard senior RB/LB in the first 2 games has rushed for 288 yards and 6 touchdowns while recording 21 tackles.

Markuez Benefield, Burgard senior LB has recorded 24 tackles in the Bulldogs first 2 games.

Injury update: Jason Gauthier, senior LB and one of the Pioneer’s captain is unfortunately out for the season.

Starpoint hosts Grand Island Friday in what will be the first Spartan Friday night lights game in their renovated and expanded athletic complex. 

The Timon/St. Jude game with Permian, Texas, is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th at 7:30pm in Texas. The Tigers have been outscored 98 to 6 points in their games in Georgia and Ohio.

It looks like Maple Grove’s decision not to merge with Chautauqua Lake for football this year is working out for the Red Dragons as they have dominated Portville and Frewsburg in their first 2 games. Trevor Micek and Brad Benson are outstanding players and could propel the team to another sectional title and compete for a state title.

Kameron Alexander, Gowanda senior RB, rushed for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Panther’s win over Chautauqua Lake.

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