Dick Gallagher's Sidelines for Week 3

 Quote of the Week: When you play, leave everything on the field in practice and in games.

Booster Club President of the Week: Melissa Huber, Williamsville South

Academic Achievers of the Week:
Erik Bartnik (94 GPA)
Jerry Hickson, (97 GPA)

Top Football Complexes: St. Joe’s, Tonawanda

Referee of the Week: George Santora

Athletic Directors of the Week: Greg Kaszubski, Clarence; Jon Roth, Grand Island

Top Band: Lancaster

Top Refreshment Stand: Clarence

Top JV Program: Canisius

Tackling Machine: Nate Emer, Iroquois

Best Voice: Baylee Vercruysee

Most Loquacious: Sean Bruso, Springville

Comedian of the Week: Noah Turzillo, Jamestown

Best Dressed Jamestown Coach: Richie Joy

Cheerleaders of the Week: Lancaster

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Williamsville North

Unique Name: Barking Bulldogs

Best Chain Crew: Williamsville East

Best Uniform: Canisius

Class Act: Blake Haubeil, Canisius; Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Best Fans: South Park

Best Dressed Coaches: Franklinville/Ellicottville

Best Game Program: Jamestown

Top Statistician: John O’Brien, Jamestown

Best Announcer: Brother Joe, St. Joe’s

Journalist of the Week: Miggy Rodriguez, Buffalo News

Top Assistant: Nancy Ells, Lake Shore

Best Restaurant: Chef’s

Tom Ambassador: Milt Dickerson, All-Star Classic Chairman

Best Radio Station: WBEN AM

Best Media Friendly Football Program: Medina

Best Fan: Jerry Obstein, South Park

Alumnus of the Week: John Urschel, Canisius

Best Dancer: Shakur Harris, South Park

Name of the Week: Riley Hummel, Hamburg

Fastest Player of the Week: Kolby Parks, Clymer/Sherman/Panama

Strongest Player of the Week: Ryan Kostek, West Seneca East

Tallest Player of the Week: Greg Wilson, East Aurora/Holland

Most Photogenic Coach of the Week: Todd Therrien, North Tonawanda Assistant

Best Media Friendly Football Program: Williamsville South

Most Inspirational: Justin Svetz, Clymer/Sherman/Panama

Best Highlight Film: Mike Penny, Williamsville East

Cheerleader of the Week: Taylor Lynn Domanowski, Lancaster


Jake “Boss” Cotter, Medina

Jake “Professor” Lutz, Canisius

Isaiah “Thunder” McDuffie, Bennett

Devin “Gladiator” Delmont, St. Francis

Brave “Bus” Williams, Lake Shore

Jalin “Cadillac” Cooper, Medina

Nick “Spiderman” Huber, Williamsville South

Brock “Ironhead” Blecha, Franklinville/Ellicottville

Scott “Moost” Becht, Williamsville North

Joe “Knuckles” Montgomery, East Aurora

Alex “Monster” Sweeney, Clarence

Duane “Franchise” Robertson, Hutch-Tech

Devan “Shaggy” Jackson, Jamestown

Projected 100 Tackle Club

Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett

Jamal Lofton, Bennett

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Trevor Micek, Maple Grove

Louis Surace, Jr., St. Joe’s

Elwin Gomez, Dunkirk

Devin Delmont, St. Francis

Nick Shaefer, South Park

Gilberto Ortiz, Gowanda

Marquez Lofton, Lackawanna

Jeremy Bush, Jamestown

Connor Kellu, Williamsville North

Antwanne Jones, Williamsville South

Paul Brinson, Nichols

Given that Section VI moved Bennett up 2 classes from C to A and were recommending Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake from Class C to B, one has to ask whether htat was a one time move or should other schools be concerned about where Section VI may try to move them after the 2016 season. How about the section taking losing teams like Newfane, Riverside and moving them down a class. This will make for an interesting off season for Section VI football.

Injury Update: Sean Barry, Springville sophomore RB, is lost for the season. Tough loss for Sean and the Griffiths.

What was the benefit of Timon/St. Jude playing national powers in Georgia, Ohio, and Texas in their first 3 games? The Tigers were outscored 153 to 18 points and no players were seen by WNY fans or local media.

Jake Sisson, former Jamestown All-WNY and All-State player, accounted for 508 yards and 6 touchdowns in Edinboro’s win over Lock Haven.

The diocese of Camden, New Jersey, gave a message to high school football players. Either respect the national anthem or be prepared to ride the bench with a 2 game suspension.

With his kickoffs, punts, field goals, and pats, Blake Haubeil is a tremendous weapon for the Canisius Crusaders. Just think 2 years ago he was playing 5 different positions at Amherst. In 2017, we can see him kicking for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Twin Terrors:

Jason and Andrew Hwang, Williamsville North

Jacob and Jared Maurino, West Seneca East

Michael and Alex Handley, Alden

Section VI Playoff Format:

Class AA/A/C: Top 4 finishers in each division make the playoffs. 1 North plays 4 South, 2 North plays 3 South etc…We follow brackets to the stadium. We do not reseed after the first round. The 5 and 6 seeds qualify for Funke Bowls.

Class B: 3 divisions. The division winners get 1-3 seeds. 2nd place finishers get 3-6 seeds. The next two best 3rd place finishers get the 7-8 seeds. The remaining 3rd place team and the 4th place finishers qualify for the Funke Bowl

Class D: 8 teams. They all make the play-offs. 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7 etc. After the first round, the highest two seeded losing teams will play in the Funke Championships.

Toughest Opponents Week 3

Timon/St. Jude vs Permian (Texas)

Canisius vs. Aquinas

Jamestown vs. Orchard Park

Burgard vs. West Seneca East

Questions for High School Athletes Being Recruited

Is it a formally accredited, highly rated institution?

Does it offer my preferred major?

Will my high school grades be good enough?

What does my guidance counselor think about the colleges with respect to my academic ability and the major I plan to pursue?

How many hours a day will athletics and other responsibilities involved in maintaining my scholarship take me away from my studies?

Will the athletic department pay for any tutoring I may require?

Are they offering a four-year scholarship, or can they terminate it any time they choose?

What happens to the scholarship if I am injured and unable to play?

How much will it cost me to go to school on top of the scholarship?

Must I work for my room and board? What are the hours of this job?

Can I afford to travel home during vacation periods, and can my parents afford to travel to college to see me play as often as they wish?

Would I like to play for the head coach who is recruiting me? Will he be the head coach next year?

What do the present and former athletes have to say about the athletic department and the institution in general?

Does my high school coach feel that I can play at this level?

Does the college environment appear to be one in which I’d care to spend for years?

How many players were red shirted last season? How many play my position?

Do I have a passion for the game of football and am I willing to pay the price?

Coaches Nicknames:

Tim “Air” Delaney, South Park

Tim “The Magician” Bergan, Ellicottville/Franklinville

Jerry “Media Man” Smith, St. Francis

Brent “Mr. Cool” Brown, Randolph

Mike “Run and Gun” Fatta, Cheektowaga

Dean “The Dinosaur” Santorio, Grand Island

Kraig “Rapid Fire” Kurzanski, Williamsville South

Mike “GQ” Torillo, Sweet Home

Rich “The Prez” Robbins, Canisius

Chris “Photogenic” Glenn, Williamsville East

Gene “The Hammer” Tundo, Orchard Park

Jason “Smiley” Kolb, Burgard

Best Coach Not Coaching: John Scibetta

Playing High School Football:

The Good:

Thousands of student-athletes will participate in football throughout WNY.

Championship games are being held at New Era Field.

Sectional Champions competing for state championships.

Players being offered scholarships.

Banquets in December honoring players, coaches, and All-Athletic teams.

Cheerleaders and bands performing at games.

Parents volunteering in the refreshment stands, chain crews, etc.

Cross training Football Initiative for character awards at games.

Section VI Football Federation.

Msgr. Martin Association.

Buffalo News All-WNY teams.

Fitness advantages.

Life skills.

Local and state polls.

NYSSWA All-State Football teams.

The Bad:

Player injuries.

Teams winning games by 30 points and starters are still playing in the fourth quarter.

The Ugly:

Players using steroids.

Out of control parents.

WNY Trivia Football Quiz:

How many alumni have Super Bowl rings?

Who holds the WNY record for passing yards in a season?

Who holds the WNY records for touchdowns in a season?

What WNY alumnus scored the most points in his football career?

What WNY team has won the most state championships?

What WNY alumni has 3 Super Bowl rings?

What year did Section VI win 4 state football titles with undefeated seasons?

What was the largest attendance for a high school football game in WNY history?

What WNY alumnus kicked the most field goals in one season?

Note: Answers will be in the next Sidelines Recap.

Nickname Mascot Changes:

In 1972, Stanford dropped the Indian mascot.

In 1979 Syracuse dropped the Saline Warrior mascot.

In 1979, St. Bonaventure dropped Brown Indians and Brown Squaw mascots.

In 1988, public schools in Wisconsin began to change their American related sports team logos, mascots, and nicknames.

In 1991, the Nebraska commission on Indian affairs requested 27 public schools in that state to end their use of Indian mascots and nicknames.

In 1995 St. John’s changed their nickname from Redmen to Redstorm.

WNY teams will play 37 games in week 3. Friday there are 28 and Saturday there are 9.

Best Youth Football Coaches: Tony Caliguri, Niagara Falls and Boomer Connell, Williamsville

Top WNY Alumni Playing Collegiate Football:

Chad Kelly, St. Joe’s – Mississippi

Akeel Lynch, St. Francis – Neveda

TJ Wheatley, Canisus – Michigan

Ryan Hunter, Canisius – Bowling Green

Qadree Ollison, Canisius – Pittsburgh

Michael Tarbutt, Canisius – Connecticut

Demone Harris, Timon/St. Jude – Buffalo

Andy Smigiera, West Seneca East – Robert Morris

Alex Dietsch, Clarence – St. Lawrence

Jake Dolegala, St. Francis – Central Catholic

Tommy Doctor, Grand Island – UNC/Charlotte

Jake Fuzak, Williamsville South – University at Buffalo

Jason Vranic, Niagara Wheatfield – Penn State

The Empire State has produced 48 NFL drafters since 2006.

Rob Gronkowski was taken in the 2nd round of the 2010 NFL draft. Dan Gronkowski was taken in the 7th round of the 2009 draft while Chris and Glenn Gronkowski were signed as free agents.

Fredonia which merged with Brocton and Westfield for this season has only one home game when they host rival Dunkirk. Brocton has 2 home games while Westfield has one.

Concussion rates per sport:

The amount of sports concussions taking place for 100,000 athletic exposures is as follows:

Football: 64.76%

Boys ice hockey: 54%

Girl’s soccer: 33%

Boy’s lacrosse: 40-46.6%

Girl’s lacrosse: 31-35%

Boy’s soccer: 19.2%

Wrestling: 22-23.9%

Question: How can Doug Worthington, former St. Francis great who played at Ohio State and in the NFL not be in the St. Francis Hall of Fame?

Last Sectional Football Title:

Silver Creek 2010

North Tonawanda 2009

Lackawanna 2008

Iroquois 2006

Falconer 2006

Cattaraugus/LV 2006

Grand Island 2005

Ellicottville 2004

Players: Please be advised that any players displaying poor sportsmanship during the season will not be invited to attend the WNY high school football awards banquet in December. Also, keep in mind that if you are ejected from a game, you also have to sit out the next game.

Toughest schedules: Timon/St. Jude, St. Joe’s, St. Francis

Did You Know:

Tim Delaney, South Park and Kraig Kurzanski, Williamsville South were captains of their miniature golf team.

Jim Maurino, West Seneca East and Scott Zipp are former Yankee pinstripe models.

Dave Munella, Jamestown participated in dancing with the stars. Unfortunately he finished last in the competition. However, he finished first in the costume competition since he was an excellent actor.

Steve “Ballboy” Ferrentino has his haircut by a lawnmower.

In 3 games, Dillon Janca, Orchard Park senior QB, has completed 49 of 85 passes for 717 yards, 5 touchdowns, and has rushed for 4 touchdowns for the Quakers.

Shutouts: South Park, Randolph, Dunkirk

Upset: Lackawanna over Depew. Niagara Falls over Kenmore West.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop: Matt Eldridge, Ryan Majerowski, Ammari Wooten from Cleveland Hill.

Mike Alessi, Eden/North Collins, was selected Buffalo Bills high school coach of the week for week 2.

Best Preseason Predictions: Orchard Park, Lancaster, Medina, Cheektowaga, Maryvale, Springville, Cheektowaga, JFK, Gowanda, Maple Grove, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Williamsville North, Clarence, Starpoint, North Tonawanda

Worst Preseason Predictions: Lackawanna to win Class B East, Olean to be #4 in B South, Southwestern to be #3 in C South, Niagara Falls to finish last in AA South.

Starpoint and Williamsville North dedicated their new athletic complexes on Friday night before packed houses. The complexes are outstanding and much credit goes to the district and the school administrators as well as the coaches and the residents who approved the project. The scoreboards included a video component in which everyone in attendance could see replays. They now have two of the top athletic complexes in Western New York.

Forecast for Championship Games:

Class AA: Lancaster vs. Orchard Park

Class A: Bennett vs. South Park

Class B: Cheektowaga vs. Springville

Class C: Cleveland Hill vs. JFK

Class D: Maple Grove vs. Franklinville/Ellicottville

After 3 weeks, only 14 of 72 schools are unbeaten.

Top Passer: Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

Top Rusher: Chris Labonte, North Tonawanda

Top Defender: Mason Hoose, Canisius

Top Offensive Line: North Tonawanda

Top Defensive Line: Canisius

Top Linebackers: Bennett

Top Defensive Backs: South Park

Player of the Week: James Bailey, JFK

Team of the Week: Niagara Falls

Upset of the Week: Lackawanna over Depew

Winless Teams: Timon/St. Jude, St. Mary’s, Niagara-Wheatfield, Lockport, Riverside, Lake Shore, Kenmore West, Newfane, Cardinal O’Hara, Wilson, Chautauqua Lake, Salamanca, Cattaraugus/LV, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Allegany-Limestone, Nichols

Pat Bagy from the Amherst Bee is a gift to the town’s athletic community for his excellent coverage of high school sports.

Surprise Team: JFK, Niagara Falls, Clarence, Olean

Top Quarterbacks:

Jerry Hickson, St. Francis

James Bailer, JFK

Austin Breidenstein, West Seneca East

Top Running Backs:

Cole Burniston, Canisius

Jake Sarow, Akron

Iran Baker, Orchard Park

Top Wide Receivers:

Justin Johnson, Timon/St. Jude

Duane Robertson, Hutch-Tech

Nic Bruce, Orchard Park

Top Linebackers:

Nick Constanzo, Maryvale

Connor Kelly, Williamsville North

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill

Top Linemen:

Mason Hose, Canisius

Nick Kelsch, St. Joe’s

Jacob Kiff, Starpoint

Fewest Points Scored Through Week 3:

St. Mary’s – 6

Cattaraugus/LV – 12

CSP – 14

Lake Shore – 14

Allegany-Limestone – 14

Riverside – 18

Timon/St. Jude – 18

Salamanca – 20

Newfane – 24

Lackawanna – 26

Most Points Allowed Through Week 3:

Cattaraugus/LV – 154

Timon/St. Jude – 153

Riverside – 153

Kenmore East – 148

St. Mary’s – 136

Lake Shore – 132

Jamestown – 131

Tonawanda – 121

Barker/RH – 114

Lew-Port – 114

Chris Battaglia, head football coach at Aquinas, was ejected from the Canisius game for unsportsmanship behavior and will also have to sit out the team’s next game.

Caution fans in Class AA. Pittsford defeated Orchard Park in week 2 35-22. In week 3, Victor dominated Pittsford which was ranked number 1 in Class AA in the state poll 42-15.

Dynamic duo: Cheektowaga’s Sevin Turpin and Michael Gray III.

Ryan Mansell, Lancaster junior QB, has completed 24 of 33 passes for 547 yards and 6 touchdowns while LG Castillo, senior WR, has caught 7 passes for 246 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Listen to WGR 550 radio AM on Saturdays for the high school sports show from 10-11am with Tony Caliguri.

Patrick Gilbert, St. Joe’s junior WR and son of former head coach Dennis, caught a touchdown pass in the Maurauder’s win over Cardinal O’Hara. Congratulations.

Matt Boss, East Aurora senior QB, has completed 28 of 50 passes for 448 yards and 6 touchdowns in the first 3 games this season.

Football fans will have the opportunity of watching sectional championships and NYS regional championships at New Era Field in Orchard Park on November 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th. Tickets will be $10.00

Jacob Schum, former Frontier player, is this year’s punter for the Green Bay Packers.

Chad Kelly, former St. Joe’s QB in 3 games this season as QB at Mississippi has completed 67 of 107 passes (62.6 percent) for 953 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.

WNY has 2 teams ranked number 1 in the state poll. In Class AA, Canisius is #1 after defeating Aquinas. In Class D, Maple Grove is ranked number one with a 3-0 mark. In Class A, Bennett is ranked #8, Class C JFK is #5 and Class B, Cheektowaga is #3.

JV Scores:

Orchard Park 30 – Jamestown 12

Canisius 33 – Aquinas 20

Cheektowaga 31 – Newfane 31

JV Players of the Week:

Gavin Bowen, Jamestown

Taige White, Jamestown

Ty Roach, Cheektowaga

Jabari McDonald, Cheektowaga

Cole Burniston, Canisius senior RB/LB in 3 games has rushed for 271 yards and 5 touchdowns. He has recorded 16 tackles including 5 for loss.

Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill sophomore RB, has rushed for 424 yards and 7 touchdowns in 3 games.

Matt Eldridge, Cleveland Hill senior LB, has recorded 37 tackles in 3 games.

Dillon Janca, Orchard Park senior QB has completed 49 of 85 passes for 717 yards and 5 touchdowns for the Quakers in the first 3 games this season. For his career, he has passed for 5250 yards and 53 touchdowns.

League Records Through Week 3

Msgr. Martin Association 5-11

Class AA North 10-8

Class AA South 8-7

Class A North 10-10

Class A South 13-14

Class B East 8-10

Class B South 9-9

Class B West 10-8

Class C North 8-7

Class C South 7-11

Class D 12-12

Independent 0-3

Connor Allen, East Aurora, is now starting at WR for Wooster College in Ohio. Last week he caught 8 passes for 166 yards and for the season is averaging 20.5 yards per catch. He is now 4th in the conference with 266 receiving yards.


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