Wood Tears Knee Ligament

11:15 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood expects to miss between two and four weeks after tearing a ligament in his left knee.

Wood provided the update in the Bills locker room on Monday, a day after being hurt in the fourth quarter of a 34-18 win over Jacksonville.  Wood is understandably frustrated by his latest injury. "It is unbelievable. You do all you can to prepare. You keep your feet moving on every play. You think of all the things that could have gotten you in the past and you try and improve it for this year. Have a guy blocked with my legs moving and a guy comes flying down the line of scrimmage trying to make a play on the back. Not a dirty play. He dives right through the side of my knee when I have knee braces on, so fortunately (because) it could have worse. Like I said before, I was just in denial that I got hurt. I just kept playing because I (said) 'There is no way I am staying down on this field. No way this is happening again.'

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick sympathizes with his teammate."Yeah. Losing anybody is tough, but losing Eric (Wood) who is a big part of what we do, he is a guy that communicates a lot of the stuff. He is a leader. He is a leader up there. I do not know how long we will lose him for but it does not look good at the moment for this week. That is what we have to focus on. We have to kind of plug in some holes. We came out a little wounded that last game with just more than him. We will figure out who we have for this week and get going. It stinks for him. They are happening on fluke plays. And looking at the play he almost lucked out in terms of how bad it look and could have been."

Wood said tests showed he tore his MCL, an injury that will not require surgery. He's hoping he can return to play in Buffalo's final two games.

Head coach Chan Gailey knows its a big blow to the Bills offensive line and that the Bills must carry on without their center. "Yeah. It is always tough to lose a good player. He is obviously one of our best players. We have gone through this before. Hopefully we will continue on in the same vein, we will not as well but we will try to as best we can. "

The Bills (5-7) remain on the fringes of the playoff hunt. They host St. Louis (5-6-1) on Sunday.

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