Sabres Draft West Seneca's Lepkowksi

2:29 PM, Jun 26, 2011   |    comments
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Its a day 18-year-old Alex Lepkowski will never forget. He was drafted by the team he's always rooted for, the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres made the West Seneca native their choice in the fifth round of the NHL entry draft.

Lepkowski is a big defenseman.  He's 6'4" and weighs in at 212 pounds.  Lepkowski is a big guy and he plays like one. He told 2 On Your Side's Stu Boyar, "I'm a stay at home defenseman. I use my size and my skating ability to my advantage. I try to use my body to keep away the opposition. I just try to be as physical as I can. I like to fight to stick up for my teammates when its time and when its the right time in the game. It's part of the game and I don't try to stay away from it."

Alex told Stu he was thrilled to be drafted by the Sabres. "It's something really special. It's something you really can't put into words. Being drafted by the team that you've idolized growing up is something really special. And for them to kind of think highly enough for to draft you is definitely a feather in my cap."

Lepkowski was on skates at 20 months and was playing hockey by the age of four. His favorite Sabres player growing up was Michael Peca. He says he admired Peca's physical style of play.


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