Governor Cuomo Proposal: Teens Licenses Taken for Texting and Driving

"On December 3rd 2007 we lost my son AJ Larson," mother Kelly Cline said. "He was texting while driving into the entrance of our neighborhood and was hit by a garbage truck."

Cline tells us change to prevent another tragedy brings peace.

"To have something good come out of that, was very important to me and it was something to put my grief out."

She has been involved with pushing stricter texting while driving laws and is happy to hear Governor Cuomo is calling for more change.

"If a teen is caught texting while driving they should lose their license for one year," Governor Cuomo said. "Let them learn this lesson -- they are our sons and our daughters so let's save lives."

It's a part of Governor Cuomo's road safety proposal that was presented at Wednesday's State of the State Address. It also calls for stricter penalties for repeat drinking while driving offenders.

"For teen drivers, texting while driving causes more fatal accidents than drinking while driving."

A law Cuomo signed last year raised the number of points against a license for a conviction of texting while driving from three to five. A young drivers license could also be suspended. If a driver gets 10 points within an 18 month period their license is revoked.

"Some of his teachers are now my teachers and they tell me whenever I smile, they see AJ," sister Shea Cline said.

Aj's sister misses her brother and supports change.

"I want him to be remembered as an amazing person and I don't want him to ever be forgotten and for his accident to stay with people."


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