Post Blizzard, Cabin Fever Grips Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY - The Blizzard of 2014 was officially declared over on Wednesday, however, several area schools remained closed.

That left many parents searching for something to keep their kids occupied for another day.

Therefore, while the storm had passed, "cabin fever" was still raging hotly in parts of Western New York.

"It's driving my mom crazy," laughed Brook Eberz, 9, of Boston, who along with her 7-year-old brother Brett was eager to experience the new indoor go-cart track at the Walden Galleria Mall.

Sandy Eberz said she and her kids have been spending a considerable amount of time together, considering that their school took a full two week break for the holidays beginning December 20.

They returned to classes for one day on Monday, only to have no school once again on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the storm.

"You can only let them play video games and watch so much TV before you have just got to cut it off, so that's why we're here. Looking for something to do," Mrs. Eberz said.

Cabin fever was running especially high on Wednesday, because in many communities there were driving bans in place on Tuesday, meaning that those who had a day off from work or school couldn't really go anywhere.

"You can only shovel so much," said Tony Truilizio of Buffalo, who had also brought his son to the mall.

"You're either watching TV and getting fatter… or you go out and try doing something productive, and so today is one of those days where we're going to try and get out and have some fun time," Truilizio said.

Unfortunately, while blizzard had passed, the elements were still counterproductive to outdoor activities for most of the morning…leaving many who left their homes, ending up just going somewhere else but still indoors.

"We normally would be skiing, but because it's so cold we can't even do that," Eberz said.

However, by later in the afternoon, when the winds had significantly subsided and when the sun actually blazed in the sky, Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park suddenly became a hotbed of activity with a host of sledders and other outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of their time off.

Many told Two On Your Side they felt it was essential to get outdoors, and break their cabin fever once and for all.

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