Demand for Nurses Expected to Increase

BUFFALO, N.Y. - There are nurse shortages in several countries across the world. Here at home, health organizations are preparing for the demand to go up. But right now some entry- level nurses getting out of school are having difficulty getting work right away.

"In our current situation right now we're not seeing as much demand for brand new graduates," Dr Carol Brewer with University of Buffalo's nursing program explains."They do get hired, they do get into the workforce but it takes a little longer and they don't necessarily get the job they want."

Dr Carol Brewer said that's partially because the number of nursing graduates doubled in the last ten years, at a time when the recession took over.

Brewer explains the demand for public health care reduced and the need for nurses to replace existing nurses slowed down.

Dr Brewer said, "The recession caused a lot of nurses to stay in jobs they might have retired from earlier. The typical nurse will retire 60-62 years of age which is a little earlier and that age has gone up a little bit."

Research suggests this is one reason entry-level nurses are having more difficulty finding work. However, this is projected to change in the next 10 years when there's expected to be a 19-percent growth in employment for registered nurses. Factors include baby boomers aging, nurses retiring and the new demands from patients getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Brewer said, "We don't exactly know how that's going to impact the demand for health care. As demand for health care increases, so will demand for nurses. We expect in the relatively near future to see an increase in the demand for nurses which could result in another shortage."

Research by The World Health Organization suggest there are current nurse shortages in different countries like India. Brewer explains hortages depend on the market.

"In our area I think we have quite a few nursing schools. In general, we do not have a shortage. We have a need for nurses, it's not there's no demand, it's just imbalanced. We have a generous supply compared to the demand. "


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