Advice for Dealing with Late Summer Spiders

Advice for Dealing with Late Summer Spiders

EAST AURORA, N.Y. -- You've probably noticed them spinning their webs outside your home and on your cars faster than you can keep up with them. We're talking about spiders that seem to be everywhere right now.

"It's later in the summer, and most insects are starting to flourish, and that's why more spiders are showing up because that's what they feed on," says John Zimmerman.

Zimmerman is an area manager with Buffalo Exterminating. He says you can blame the recent explosion of the spider population on the humidity.

"It's been kind of a moist summer. It's in the 80s now and most, most critters like that, like it in the 80s. It's where they reproduce best and do well," he says.

If you want to get rid of the spiders around your home, Zimmerman suggests getting rid of the clutter.

"Leaf litter and tall grasses and weeds close to the house, if they're kept trimmed down and trimmed away from the house that cuts down on the places that spiders can hide. And, also it cuts down on the attraction for other insects that the spiders feed on. And, the other thing is spiders are relatively easy to take care of with insecticidal treatment, so an insecticidal treatment around the outside perimeter of the house helps a lot as well," says Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says people tend to call the pros if the spiders get inside or they start taking over the outside of their windows. But he adds that most of the spiders here in Western New York are just more of a nuisance, and while they can bite, it's rare to find a dangerous black widow or brown recluse.

"Bed bugs and bats kind of freak people out. Well, spiders are one of the things that really bothers people, well, I can tell you don't worry about them, but if they bother people they probably ought to do something about it," he says.

If you're worried about using insecticides, Zimmerman says you should easily be able to find organic products that are safe to use around pets and kids. He says there's even a product you can spray that prevents spiders from attaching their webs to any surface.


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