West Seneca Flooding: Home Inspections Complete

WEST SENECA, NY - Following the weekend flooding in West Seneca, officials say all homes that were affected have been inspected. In total, 70 homes have been looked at. Some homes are uninhabitable, but none of them need to be taken down at this point.

Still, folks continue to clean up from the flooding.

"I'm very sad that's been a part of my life for 33 years," said Jonny Robbins, who's referring to his 1965 GTO convertible, which he only drives in the summer.

Water from the weekend flooding got inside the car and the engine. Now, it needs to be looked at to see if it can be fixed.

"It's kind of the car of my dreams," said Robbins.

And if that wasn't bad enough, a wall fell down in his basement.

"It just flooded and either the rush of the water or whatever blew the wall out," he said.

Robbins is living with his daughter now, because his home is uninhabitable, along with several others.

The homes are not condemned, according to West Seneca officials.

"Because condemned would mean that we would need to come and knock it down and there haven't been any decisions made about whether any of these homes need to be knocked down at this point," said Jeff Baksa of the West Seneca Code Enforcement Department.

West Seneca inspectors are getting help to check homes from inspectors from outside areas -- Orchard Park, Holland and Depew. Homes that've been affected are near Buffalo Creek off of Mineral Springs Road.

Of the 70 homes impacted, 29 have been affected "mildly," 28 "moderately," and 13 "severely."

Louis Monaco's home was severely impacted by the flood water.

"It was high, it was pretty high up, everything was submerged, everything is a total loss," he said.

Monaco is staying at a hotel for now. And, like many residents here, has been working from sunrise to sunset cleaning up his flood damaged home.

If residents aren't at a hotel, they're likely staying at a friend or a relative's house, or toughening it out in the homes they have, if they can.

Residents are constantly talking to insurance agents trying to get things as close to back to normal.

It's unclear if there will be any state assistance coming to West Seneca. There will be a community meeting on Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Winchester Community Church that residents can go to. At that meeting, officials will announce whether the state will help the town, and it'll also be a time for people to learn about other resources that are available to residents impacted by the flooding.

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