Gabryszak will not attend State of State Address

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Dennis Gabryszak will not attend the Governor's State of the State address this week in Albany.

The Assemblyman's attorney told 2 On Your Side that his client will not travel to Albany. Now the question is will Gabryszak attend the legislative session in the Assembly chambers next week. No one knows for sure, but political strategist Michael Caputo said, "if you see him (Gabryszak) in Albany, he may be leaning toward the I'm innocent side."

If and when Gabryszak does return to the Assembly floor, he can expect an uncomfortable response. "He's going to get jeers," said Caputo who heard that some female members of the legislative body are waiting for the opportunity.

It has been over 2 weeks since the first claims of sexual harassment were made against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak and Friday two more former employees filed a notice of claim.

With this claim, comes the most serious of the accusations.

Notice of Claim against Assemblymember Gabryszak

Trina Tardone, who served as Gabryszak's Director of Communications from July 2009 until December 2010, says that
"on her first week of employment, the Assemblyman began to make sexual advances toward her."

Like the other claimants, Tardone says that Gabryszak repeatedly suggested they drive to Albany together and suggested he stay in his apartment. On her first trip to Albany, Gabryszak drove her to her hotel and according to the complaint.

"The Assemblyman insisted that he go to her room with her 'to ensure that it was acceptable.' Upon arriving at the room, the claimant advised him that she needed to change because they were going to be having dinner with others. Despite this comment, he entered the room and would not leave."

Tardone proceeded to lock herself into the bathroom as she got ready, and he only left when she told him to meet her in the lobby and she walked out of the room. But she says on another occasion in 2009 the harassment took another step, according to her complaint.

"When she was in Albany, the Assemblyman insisted that the claimant go to his apartment and look over documents that he had there.She reluctantly agreed to do so. While at the apartment, the Assemblyman grabbed her and tried to kiss her."

Tardone broke away from him, grabbed her coat and brief case and told him that "she would find a way to work with him, but that she would not be alone with him in any situation."

Tardone claims that from that point on he became hostile toward her and said that she would have to pay for her own travel to and from Albany.

The other woman who filed a notice of claim on Friday is Emily Trimper. She served as district office administrator from August 2007 to March 2008. Trimper told similar stories of what she claims was a continuous pattern of a hostile and offensive work environment.

As for the Assemblyman, he continues to be out of site. Calls to both his district and Albany offices on Friday were not returned.


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