Veteran Receives High School Diploma

EDEN -- Those eyes tell a thousand stories of a life well lived. From his days in service, to the day he walked his bride down the aisle.

"We were outside the barrack in North Carolina. This one was when I was aboard ship,"

But there's always been one piece missing.

"I hadn't been doing very well in school at all, I had a lot of problems in school - so I said the best thing for me to do is go into the military, Kent Willis said."

Kent Wyatt Willis a US marine Vietnam veteran left school to serve in the military from 1961-1967.

"I spent most of my time in North Carolina. Then I spend four tours in the Caribbean."

When he came back life happened. But that desire to finish school never went away. With his wife of 40 years by his side, that moment is finally happening.

As they drive back in time -- to finish a chapter. Students, friends, and veterans lined the halls at Eden Central School. This night, they are a part of his graduation.

"I certify that Mr. ken Willis has met the requirements of a high school diploma during his time in what he learned through the service."

That piece of paper means a lot to Kent, but most of all --he hopes this moment will inspire someone else.

"I think it's important to show that other people can do it too. That other people in my same situation can go out and get their diploma, Willis said."


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