"Trash Train" Smells Permeate Depew Neighborhood

DEPEW – Dores Sloan has lived next to a railroad for 43 years.

The trains have always been loud.

"Very loud," she added.

But, up until the last four months, that's all they were: loud.

Now, Sloan has noticed something else about the trains. Just a few hundred feet from her home, the cargo train cars have begun camping out for hours at a time throughout the night, usually on weekends.

The problem? They're full of trash. And they smell.

"Like you haven't taken out the garbage in there years," Sloan said. "Or longer."

Her neighbors agree. They bombarded the CSX rail company with letters and phone calls, demanding it to park its "trash trains" in non-residential areas. The stench from these trains, which transport trash for eventual disposal as far away as Kentucky, have forced some people in the neighborhood to shut their windows and avoid the outdoors as much as possible during the summertime.

"It's nauseating," Sloan said.

The smells have now carried all their way to Washington, D.C.— figuratively, at least. After several town leaders and residents contacted his office to complain, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has responded by sending a letter to CSX CEO Michael Ward, strongly suggesting his company find a non-residential location to park these "trash trains."

"I am requesting that you do everything possible," Schumer wrote, "to get these trains moved away from this area as soon as possible."

A CSX spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

"The point is, there's other places they could park these where residents wouldn't be affected by it," Sloan said. "They smell like rotten eggs, like rotting body parts, whatever. It's awful."


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